Friday, February 12th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Former Oneida County Legislator Harmony Speciale says she was diagnosed with PTSD from her experiences on the county board - via

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton debated again last night. Hillary seems ready for a fight. Plus, a man ate at over 40 McDonald's restaurants in one day, is vaping worse that smoking. And, our man Willie Waffle thinks there is movie out this weekend that is worth seeing...if you're old enough

7 AM Hour

Keith Rubino is a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders. He's working to organize a campaign stop at the Utica AUD in March

Keeler had mentioned the delicious chicken scarpiello at Danielle's Valley View earlier this hour. One caller explains the origin of its name

Amazing Audio: Employees at Carrier in Indianapolis have been told they're jobs are heading to Mexico next year. We've got audio of the announcement

Callers weigh in on Donald Trump and another says there are job losses going unnoticed in our own community

Wrapping up the hour will some listener submitted comments on politics

8 AM Hour

Attorney and Utica Republican Chair Joe Hobika is in studio this hour. Plus, we here from Matt Miller at the Rome Rescue Mission where their pantry was decimated by a water main break. And are your daughters ears pierced? Apparently this is a traumatic experience for Keeler

Reaction to childhood ear piercings

Hobika's thoughts on the responsibility of a congressman. Plus, we check in Carl Paladino on the Trump Stump

Caller Dan commends our effort to bring clean water to Flint, and has some criticism for the Mohawk Valley Water Authority

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