Friday, February 21st, 2020

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland (FNR) joins us this morning to give a preview of the Nevada caucuses. Will it be as bad as Iowa?

- Want to know what Willie Waffle thinks of the weekend movies? Here's what he's reviewing today!

Call of the Wild - Harrison Ford and his dog head into the wilderness.

Brahms: The Boy 2 - A new kid finds the creepy doll that might be possessed

7 AM Hour

- Jody Wheet with The Ride For Missing Children is on this morning to talk about new and exciting changes to the Ride and a push for registration.

- Have you ever been to the Handshake City? Katie Reilly can tell you all about it and we also discuss the latest from "Made in Utica."

- There is a push underway for the state's first veteran cemetery and it's being proposed in Oneida County. Congressman Brindisi and Tom Buono are in this morning to talk about the plan.

8 AM Hour

- Dan Williams is geearing up for the annual Daniel Barden Mudfest at MKJ Farms in Deansboro.

- US Senator Charles Schumer visited Utica this week and joined NY-22 Representative Anthony Brindisi to call for approval of new benefits for Vietnam Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange and now suffering from it. While some diseases and conditions have been approved and are covered by the VA, there is new evidence that others like bladder cancer and Parkinsonism are tied to Agent Orange exposure, but those are not covered currently covered. Service Officer Jim Furgal discusses that, and shares his concern over current pesticides being used by the US military at Fort Drum in Watertown. He's also joined for this segements by Tom Buono.

- Utica was once again awarded money to host the Levitt AMP concert series this summer. Michelle Truett has worked really hard each year to bring it back, and it will return for a fifth season!

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