Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Today we will do our own #DeflateGate type experiment with an actual in game used ball. We will also talk a lot about education in the state of New York and Cuomo's war against it with Dr. Rick Timbs.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Utica Comets have two road games this weekend and 3 players will play in the AHL All-Star Classic. We also discuss both the Belichick and Brady Press Conference. We will do an inflation/deflation experiment.


- Sheldon Silver has been arrested by Federal officials and talks about how he will fight these charges 100%.


- Should Sheldon Silver resign, even thought he's innocent until proven guilty? We talk a little more about that and we talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

The Boy Next Door - J. Lo has been a very bad girl. The recent divorcee decides to get her groove back with the handsome, young stud from across the street, but it takes a very dangerous turn.

Mortdecai - An eccentric art dealer tries to obtain a painting that could led to untold fortune.

Strange Magic - All of the magical creatures are trying to gain control of a secret love potion.

Before you go to the movies, don't make the mistake of not going to

Frank Cristiano - Pond Hockey Ice Bowl

- Frank is the owner of Tony's AUDelicious and he is on to promote a cool event going on at AUDelicious this weekend for the AHL All-Star Classic.

Dr. Rick Timbs

- Governor Cuomo may be waging war against New York State Schools and Dr. Timbs is on to give his perspective on it. One of the main issues is beating up on these teachers.

Dr. Timbs and Jamie McNair

- We continue the education discussion with Dr. Rick Timbs and Jamie McNair, a teacher at New Hartford High School, joins the conversation about his viewpoint on this.

#DeflateGate Discussion Continues

- Bill plays his Deflate Gate parody song. We play audio from the Tom Brady press conference.

Justin Parkinson - 'Made In Utica'

- Justin is the founder of the local group 'Made In Utica' and they have organized an event this weekend called "Do It For Utica." Many local businesses have banned together to give great deals to tourists. For more information go to - We also get a call from Paul about the physics behind it.


- Brian calls up to talk about the temperature's effect on condensed air. Josh from Carbone brings in some equipment for us to measure the ball PSI.

John Brown - Coldwell Faith Properties

- John is an expert when it comes to all things real estate and he talks about our community, infrastructure, demographics and all things real estate related.

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Part 2:

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