Friday, January 9th, 2015

Today we will get Brandon Lang's NFL Divisional Round Playoff picks, we will speak with Bob Casullo about his career and Doug Marrone, and we will get the latest from Lt. Steve Hauck on the triple homicide in Utica.

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***Today’s Topics***


- There is some nasty weather coming to Western New York and all hell is breaking loose in France. We also talk about Bob Casullo and Obama's idea to educate people for free.


- Paul Bumbalo was ordered to have a mental health evaluation by Judge Balzano. We talk about his appearance in court yesterday.


- We talk about the Mayor and the Council vote on the tax cap, putting seniors in jail and inmates in nursing homes, and we talk toRay Stagich from the Weather Channel and we talk about the thruway closing.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

Taken 3 - Liam Neeson needs to find the people who killed his wife, because he has been blamed for it.

Selma - The story of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

Inherent Vice - Joaquin Phoenix is a drugged out private eye trying to find his former girl friend.

Before going to the movies visit


- We talk about how things have changed in regards to getting announcements with emphasis on Schools Delays and Closings.

Brandon Lang

- Before we talk to Brandon about his picks, we talk to Ali about a few crazy things that happened at the Keeler household last night. Then we talk to Brandon about his NFL picks and the big National Championship game.

Bob Casullo - Coaching with Marrone

- Bob talks about his career as a football coach both at the college level and the NFL.


- We review our conversation with Bob Casullo and we get some calls. Tom tells a cool story about younger Bob. We go over a few interesting news stories and a new take on the "Birthday Song."

Jack Kunkel - Revolutionary Wellness

- Jack is promoting his 2nd annual Central New York's Biggest Weight Loss Challenge. For more details go to

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- Lt. Hauck is on to talk about the terrible triple homicide that shocked the city.

Jennifer Balog - American Heart Association

- Jennifer is on to talk about a pre-registration event for the Heart Run & Walk coming to Sangertown Square. It's going to be tomorrow starting at 11 a.m.