Friday, September 12th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- The decision has finally been made on the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius. He has been found guilty of culpable homicide which here in the states is considered manslaughter.

- He was found not guilty of all charges other than the culpable homicide. There were some weapon charges as well, but again not guilty on those.

- The Mets get a loss last night against the Nationals. They had the opportunity to tie it up with bases loaded but lose 6-2.

- Ted Cruz was speaking at a Christian event and he ended up walking out because the crowd didn't really agree with what he was saying about Israel.

- The Conservative Party have made their decision and Tim Trent has been named as the Council-At-Large candidate to run against Jack LoMedico.

- Syracuse Football tomorrow at Noon, they play the Central Michigan Chippewas.


- The Syracuse game will be aired on ESPN News which is, after a long search, going to be on Time Warner channel 300-310.

- Full NFL schedule this week and it will be exciting.

- We discuss new developments in the Ferguson case. Apparently, there is a recording of someone saying something along the lines of he had his hands up why would you do that?


- Remember the Apparently kid? He was on Ellen yesterday and he talks about how he jumped from bed to bed and he told Ellen in a hilarious way. She then asks about the word apparently, and he said he's over it.

- The Mike Tyson interview where he flipped out the news anchor was on Live television and it looked like he was about to punch the guy.

- Pat Robinson of the 700 Club comments on the daughter of a preacher who is a lesbian. He blames it on girl on girl movies.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us the forecast and we talk about the humidity!

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- We discuss the last James Gandolfini movie "The Drop" and luckily, despite a limited release, we will have it at the Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford.

- Dolphin Tale 2 - The dolphin Winter gets a new friend, Hope!

- No Good Deed - Idris Elba is a very bad man who escapes from prison, and Taraji P. Henson is the target of his evil.

Brandon Lang - NFL Week 2 Picks

- Brandon is the inspiration for the movie "Two For The Money."

- He is on today to talk about the Week 2 picks and we discuss the Ray Rice situation. Brandon believes that Ray Rice will be back in the NFL. It is only a one year suspension.

- Brandon gives his thoughts on commissioner Roger Goodell and how he's handled it.

- We talk to Brandon about the sale of the Buffalo Bills and he believes truly that this new owner will spend the money to bring in some good players.

-His Picks:

  • Bills over Dolphins
  • Jets over Packers
  • Patriots over Vikings

Robert Channing and Tracey Lee

- We present the painting and the $500 check to Tracey Lee. She is very excited and the painting turned out great!

Mark Kelso - Former Buffalo Bills Player

- We talk about how happy we are and excited we are about the Buffalo Bills performance.

- We also talk about the big news about the cancer-free Jim Kelly.

- We ask Mark about the purchase of the team by Terry and Kim Pegula and good things are going to be happening. Mark continues to talk about the renovations that they did to the stadium.

- Mark brings up the fact that they may build a new stadium closer to the water or the border, but the Bills organization has a lot of appreciation for the Canadian fans and they do get a lot to come to the games and that may relieve it.

- Mark Kelso talks about the Ray Rice situation and says that it is a very difficult situation. He does admit that he's not qualified as an expert to talk about the domestic violence, however he made some great points.

- Mark gives his analysis of this Buffalo Bills team this year and he believes that they are really good, but is not going to commit to E.J. Manuel as the Dynasty QB yet, but he's definitely impressed with his work ethic and skill set.

Tim Trent - Conservative Candidate for Council-at-Large

- We talk to Tim about his decision to run and we ask if he will try to seek the Republican endorsement. He explains what his real reasons are for wanting to run.

- Tim Trent talks about his willingness to debate Mr. LoMedico if need be.

- He comments on the situation with Jim Zecca, Frank Meola, and the rest.

- He gives his reasons as to why he would be the right man for the job. He talks about the fact that he tells the truth and he doesn't play politics.

- We discuss the financial restructuring of Utica.

Louise Glasso and Diane Almy

- Louise and Diane are in to talk about the event coming to Rome for the "Who Let The Dogs Out" event in Rome.

- There will be vendors, experts, and the Rome P.D. K9 officer.

- Dr. Heather Sandler is the Vet that will be on hand and she will answer any questions that people have.

- Diane brings in her dog Spider who is a show dog.

The event is Saturday, September 20th at The Kennedy Arena.

Rich Synek - Feed Out Vets

- Rich is on to talk about all the services they offer for Vets.

- Of course, their main service is Feed out Vets which is an organization created to feed homeless and hungry veterans.

- A lot of the programs they have are to raise funds to feed the Veterans including collecting scrap metal, old electronics, and old cars.

- They also sell bottled water to raise money as well.

- He does not receive funds for the Government, he can't get a grant.

- Their main priority is if you've served your country, that's enough for them.

Dan Meader - Former Apple Engineer

- Before we get to Dan we speak with Scott Blais who is the Water/Sewer Superintendent in Herkimer. He gives us details on the big water main break that has caused some sever flooding.

- He talks about the boil water advisory and there is one more break they after work on.


- Now to Dan Meader:

- Dan is a former Apple Inc. engineer and he is on to talk about the new products that Apple has to offer including the Apple Pay and the smart watch.

- Dan makes the point that anything Apple does, they do it right. One of the things he was surprised about was the fact that they were going with the watch despite the fact that millennials don't wear watches.

- He talks about the new iPhone 6 and the security features to the Apple Pay and he addresses some concerns but they are very few.

- Bill asks Dan about the unlimited battery and when we can expect it. He talks about Graphine and it is an element that may lead to longer lasting battery life.

- Dan also talks about the app he has written called allowance manager. It is an idea that was developed from an idea by his kids. He has written the app and now they are share holders and sit in on meetings.

- The idea was to help teach people money management and trust.

- You can download the app "Allowance Manager" at your app store or log onto

Wrapping Up For The Week

- JoJo gives his picks for the week and they're good ones.

- Stay away from the Miami/Buffalo game.

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