Friday, September 19th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- It was cold overnight!! This morning was cold as well.

- There is a new Plate Night and you can watch it on our website right now. It's Stampede Steakhouse.

- The Scots have voted to remain in the United Kingdom and the vote was somewhat close, but the voter turnout was at about 80%.

- Bill talks about how he feels there needs to be a debate for the Utica Common Council President position and the Council at Large seat. We haven't heard from Frank Meola since last Fall and it's time for him to come out and be heard from. The same goes true for Jack LoMedico.

- Joe Load who is the highlight in a video we posted to our website ( We will talk to him about his fear of heights.

- Bill is fired up about the gas prices here in Utica and why we always pay more than Syracuse, Albany, and the THRUWAY!! We will talk with Ed Welsh later on this morning to talk about that.


- We play a clip of last night's Atlanta/Tampa Bay game and Atlanta crushed them. They scored the most point in Falcons history.

- Keith the Paper Guy calls up to comment on gas prices and the difference between Utica and Rome.

- Jeff brings us the website and how that shows gas prices across the city.

- We talk briefly about ISIS/ISIL and the possibility of a threat here in America.


- The Huffington Post has done an article of the richest and poorest cities in America. The #1 richest is Washington D.C. and San Francisco is in at number #2.  The poorest cities are Miami and Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay being the poorest.

- We wonder where Utica would fall on the list and our median household income is right around $54,000 in Utica and a little less in Oneida County at $49,000. The poverty rate in Utica is at about 22%.

- Ken Boone from the Weather Channel: Chilly temperatures this morning and we could see a cold front this Sunday bringing rain and possible storms so Saturday is the day to have fun.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- This Is Where I Leave You - Adult siblings return home for Dad's funeral, and must spend the week together.

- A Walk Among The Tombstones - Liam Neeson is a troubled private investigator hired by a drug lord to find out who killed his wife.

- The Maze Runner - A boy has his memory erased and gets dropped into a weird maze with other boys. Can they escape?

For More Movie Reviews Go To Willie's Website:


- Frost warning has been listed despite it being 35 outside right now.

- Rob Ford has made a statement that he has cancer. Bill hesitates to say this, but Bill believes this is the best PR he's received since people knew his name. He will not run for re-election, but his brother is.

- A gun shop is selling a rifle attachment that thanks Obama for being the number one gun salesman and spokesperson.

- There has been a mass shooting in Florida and a man has killed his adult daughter and 6 grandchildren before killing himself. The messed up twist here is the fact that the killer shot his young son to death a decade ago.

- Bill brings up the topic of cock-fighting and dog-fighting. There is a Walmart in Mexico that hosted a cock-fighting event at their store to promote a soda.

- We talk again about the need for a debate in these Utica Council races in Utica.

Joe Load - In Studio

- Joe isn't just afraid of heights, he's also afraid of balloons. We discuss the video and talk to Joe what his mindset was like.

- We talk about how everyone has their fears and it comes to how comfortable someone is.

Ed Welsh - Auto Talk

- Before we get to Ed, we talk about the latest chapter in Bill's rash story.

- Now to Ed.

- Ed talks about how common a price drop in gas is at the end of the Summer and that's what we're going for, but definitely some good news.

- Ed explains why we're one of the most expensive gas areas.

- Ed believes that here in the Utica-Rome area we could see gas prices as low as 3.40, maybe even 3.35.

- Ed explains why gas prices are so much cheaper on the thruway than here in Utica-Rome.


- We talk to Joe Load about childhood punishments and how he got the belt a lot.

- His mother got it real bad because one time she sassed the neighbor and got a hat pin in the tounge.

- Joe talks about one time he got hit in the face for fighting at school.

Andrea LaGatta - Octoberfest

- Tomorrow at the F.X. Matt Brewery it's Octoberfest from 2pm-5pm. It's a great event to benefit the St. Elizabeth's College of Nursing.

- We talk with Andrea about the importance of nursing. The money will go for a few projects at the college and the education process.

- Food will be provided by Swifty's.

Doug Keyes and Greg Mirell - Puppet Show

- The Guild of Thespian Puppets are in studio to promote a live puppet show at the Tram on Lincoln Ave. tomorrow at 7:00pm. It's an Improv show with a theme of the 80s.

- They travel around doing shows all over the place and do shows at schools for anti-bullying as well.

- The special guest celebrity puppet is Gary Gnu.


- We talk about the release today of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

- Tom calls up to talk about the Scotland vote to stay in the United Kingdom. Tom also shares a few other tidbits with us.

Matthew Roach - Hockey Fights T1D

- We continue the conversation about the Apple iPhone 6.

- Matthew is one of the organizers for the benefit hockey game going on tonight at the New Hartford Rec Center. It starts at 7:30pm and all proceeds go to benefit Type 1 Diabetes research. There is a walk at the masonic home tomorrow morning as well.

- Matthew's son has T1D and so this hits close to home for him and that's why he wanted to do this event.

- There are a ton of raffles and a Chinese auction. Also Auddie from the Comets will be there and it should be a great event.

For more information:

- To wrap up William and Stefan call up and share some thoughts. We also get a call from Brian and JoJo. JoJo gives his picks.

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