Friday, September 26th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Derek Jeter finishes his career at Yankee stadium incredibly. In true clutch Jeter fashion, he hit a line drive RBI single to win the game.

- We go over some of his stats and what a great career he had.


- We talk about Great Britain and their opinion on the situation in Syria and "Boots on the Ground." We talk about how interesting and crazy parliament can be.

- There is a Sienna poll out that looks at the Gubernatorial Race if it were to take place today. Cuomo only has a 29 point lead. We talk about how surprising the turnout for Zephyr Teachout was.


- There is a Veteran Picnic going on this weekend and we talk to Dan Enea about it.

- We also talk about the disadvantages to not being a subscription. The ADs that go over the website are like those eye trick mind things.

- Ray Stagich gives us an awesome weather forecast for the weekend.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- The Equalizer - Denzel Washington is a man with a secret past who just wants to live a simple life, but he must take action when he sees a young girl being controlled by the Russian Mob.

- Boxtrolls - A young orphan raised by trolls must save them from extinction.

His website:

Jessica Perusse - CNY Vet EXPO

- Before we talk to Jessica we talk about how on FOX News they were talking about the fact that the first female fighter pilot was used in the airstrikes on ISIS. Then it took a sexist turn. The one FOX news guy said than she couldn't park and said "boobs on the ground."

- Now to Jessica: She agrees that Greg Gutfeld is a moron for having said that stuff.

- The event is to benefit and support veterans and their families. The expo begins with a service fair at 10 a.m. with over 80 local and regional agencies and businesses including the VA and many not-for-profit service providers. Free lunch, massages and legal services will be available on site.  Special services for homeless Veterans are also available.

When: Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Where: SUNYIT, Campus Center Gymnasium,
575 Residential Drive, Utica, NY 13502
What Hours: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

- There is a high school in the Albany area that has banned a National Guard T-Shirt. The only reason is because the soldier on the shirt is holding a rifle.

- We of course have varying opinions is studio and we'll discuss it.


- Bill and Kristine give their opinions and they disagree. Kristine thinks that the ban is right, and Bill believes that the world is getting to wussified and they don't want to make specific decisions and he doesn't believe in a blanket ban.

- We discuss this issue with listeners who call in and there are a lot of different opinions on this.


- We continue the discussion on the T-Shirt incident. Donna and George call up with their opinions.

- George gets into the issue of some middle eastern children who are trained to kill at a young age.

- Brandon Lang: We get to Brandon a little late to discuss NFL week 4 picks.

- We talk about the Giants game briefly and how excited Jeff was about the win.

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- We discuss Buffalo, Carolina, and more.


- Bill reiterates his point on the shirt ban issue. He blames administrators and parents.

- He brings up the issue of some parents arguing for their daughter to wear more revealing clothes.

- There is a Cinco de Mayo story in San Diego in which a court supported a school's decision to tell students to reverse the American flag shirt inside out because of the issues of race and fights between Latino and American students.

Steve Roefaro and Mello Testo - EJ Herrmann

- We review the Derek Jeter finish last night and how incredible it was.

- Tom calls in to talk about the issues we have been talking about.

- We talk to Steve and Melo about the big EJ Herrmann invitational. It is the second biggest invitational in New York State. It is this events 72nd year.

- The invitational is on Saturday and the first race goes off at 9am. Then they gradually work into the varsity.

- The weather will be beautiful tomorrow and it will be perfect for the races. It's going to be a huge event at Proctor Park so make sure you stop by and enjoy this iconic city event.

- The Utica Optimists Club is sponsoring this event and the $11-12,000 dollars raised each year goes right back into the school district.

Joe Marino - Utica Councilman

- We talk to Joe about the Picente/Astorino situation and he gives Anthony a lot of credit to stick up for the county and not just stick with party lines. He also gives Anthony Brindisi credit as well.

- Joe comments on all the great things going on here in Utica.

- We bring up with Joe the poor economic forecast for Utica. We talk about the role the whole Stewart's issue has played on the image of the city. Joe addresses that.

- Now Joe is still in cooperation with Chuck Marshall from Stewart's. He says that there is a ton of economic development going on here in the city.

- We also bring up the letter he sent to Frank Vescera about the Master Plan committee. He did send the letter to everyone and his objective was to keep as much people as possible in the loop with the Master Plan process since the committee number was reduced.

- We talk to Joe Marino about the possibility of Frank being Common Council President. We talk about healthy debate.


- We have the Insane Inflatable 5k tomorrow and Sunday and the weather will be gorgeous. Find out all the details:

- JoJo gives his picks and we plant the idea of a weight-loss challenge between Bill, Jeff, and Andrew.

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