Monday, December 14th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Recapping NY Sash Utica College Teddy Bear Toss. Thank You to all of our partners in this year's WIBX Keeler Toy Drive

Keeler performs surgery on two pairs of headphones to make one pair that works. Showtime series Homeland had Keeler on edge. And, Preet Bharara on corruption

More discussion on Trump's proposed ban of Muslims

The future of Hotel Utica. Is there news? And, we look for a FREE Money Winner

7 AM Hour

Presidential pairings. What GOP candidates should form a president and VP alliance? Plus, Keeler is looking for items to include in a 12 Days of Utica Christmas

Commissioner Steven Rogers warns against TMI on social media

Will from Utica Mack is out making toy collections today. And, Congressman Richard Hanna is in studio

Continuing with Congressman Hanna

8 AM Hour

Congressman Hanna part 3

Congressman Hanna part 4

Checking in with Scott Hayes of NY Sash following Saturday's Teddy Bear Toss

Jeff Birnbaum on latest presidential polling numbers

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