Monday, February 6th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- After discussing that historic Super Bowl win for the Patriots we speak with Rachel Sutherland about the latest on President Trump's travel ban.

- Rachael Witter from Eyewitness News gives us an update on the storm we could see hit tomorrow which includes sleet, freezing rain, and snow.

- Tonya J. Powers from Fox News Radio gives us an update on the NYC jogger murder suspect update.

7 AM Hour

- Utica College Men's Pioneers head coach Gary Heenan joins us this morning. He talks about his team being #1 in the ECAC West and the two big wins over the weekend.

- John Zogby joins us on the line to give his honest thoughts about President Trump's ban. He also gets into the interview with Bill O'Reilly and Trump's comments on Putin. Zogby calls the ban repulsive.

- We play audio from the video obtained by the Utica OD of a church session at the Word of Life church from July of 2015. You can hear how Pastor Irwin used mind control methods and references the fact that God talked to her.

- We wrap the hour up talking with Bill Morehouse, Utica Comptroller, about the credit rating increase for the City of Utica.

8 AM Hour

- Ron Moshier from the Utica OD is on this morning to update us on the busy weekend of local sports and that crazy comeback Super Bowl.

- We talk to Carley Shimkus briefly from Fox News Radio to talk about Social Media and the Super Bowl.

- We end the morning talking with Professor Allan Saxe from the University of Texas at Arlington about the scary situation brewing in Iran.

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