Monday, January 12th, 2015

Today we will speak with John Zogby about the strong GOP candidates stepping up to the plate. We will also speak with Mark Kelso about the hiring of Rex Ryan.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Great weekend of sports and a huge weekend of news as well!


- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren't shy when it comes to Bill Cosby jokes at the Golden Globes and we talk about a story in Texas that reminds you to be careful when trying to win a radio contest!


- NFL Playoffs discussion continues. The big discussion of the catch that wasn't continues. See the video and how the Detroit Lions responded:


- We talk about our People's Choice Awards Central New York. There are categories such as pizza, bread, and more. Go to to make your nominations.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- Before we talk to John, we talk about how far female professionals have come when it comes to sports journalism.

- John Zogby is on to talk about the likelihood of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney running for the presidency.


- We'll talk to Mark Kelso later in the 7:00 hour about Rex Ryan, but we talk a little bit about and we also talk about the process of hacking into a terrorist group.

Mark Kelso - Buffalo Bills

- We talk to Mark about the possibility of Rex Ryan getting the head coaching job in Buffalo. We also ask Mark about why Doug Marrone left and how he was to work with.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

- Before we talk to Assemblyman Brindisi, we play a recorded message from Anonymous, a group that advocates for freedom of speech.

- We talk to Anthony Brindisi about the fate of the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center.

United Way 12th Annual Tailgate Party

- We talk with Brenda Episcopo and Assemblyman Marc Butler about an event being held at the Waterfront Grille on January 18th. Food, football, and fun is what you can expect.

Joe Marino - Utica Common Council

- Mr. Marino is on to give his thoughts on the budget for this year.

Stump Rondenelli

- This contest tests the knowledge of long-time WIBX reporter Jim Rondenelli, who is a wealth of trivia knowledge.

Wrapping Up For The Day

- Bill talks about some of the poorest counties in America and fortunately New York does not have one county on the list. She also talks about a crazy Walmart story.

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