A lot of upset Dallas Cowboys fans want to know how Dez Bryant's leaping near-catch wasn't a catch in the fourth quarter of their NFC Divisional Round matchup against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

It came on fourth and two in the fourth quarter with Cowboys trailing by 5. After being ruled a catch, it was reviewed and overturned. Green Bay took over and ran out the clock for a 26-21 win to send Aaron Rodgers to next weekend's NFC Championship Game.

In the explanation of why experts say this isn't a catch is the buzz-phrase, 'complete the process' of the catch.

This is the same explanation given regarding a 2010 call of a play that clearly seemed to be a catch, in that case it would have been a touchdown.

Afterward, the Detroit Lions tweeted about the overturned play saying, 'We know the feeling.' In the video below, you'll see why:

As Mike Pereira said, officials have been consistent. But, my question is, when exactly is the process complete on plays where receivers make a catch and go to the ground?

**Interesting note: NFL official Gene Steratore is the same official who overturned both of these plays.

It was an unfortunate way for this Lions-Bears regular season game to end, and a terrible way for the Dallas Cowboys' season to come to a close.


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