Monday, January 18th, 2016


6 AM Hour

The Democratic debate last night. Some are saying Bernie Sanders won the debate, but expect him to win the nomination.

Weird news (see video), Plus, Andrew's Packers lose exciting playoff game and Barb Mickler from the West Utica Senior Center.

Sue Stenhouse, the now-former Executive Director of the Cranston's Senior Enrichment Center, was fired after she allegedly dressed up a male bus driver as a female senior citizen to stage a press conference on January 5, 2016.

Here is the video from NBC10News in Providence, Rhode Island:

Jacob Tremblay steals the show at the Critic's Choice Awards. Plus, some thoughts on the race for the 22nd Congressional District

7 AM Hour

Utica Police Lt. Steve Hauck has now seen the documentary Making A Murderer. What does he think?

Hauck on Making A Murderer

Final thoughts with Steve Hauck on Making A Murderer

Now we gave some final thoughts on the Netflix series Making A Murderer. And, Steve Harvey talks about what has happened since he botched the Miss Universe Pageant

8 AM Hour

Tito Seoane, Rome Lacrosse Coach, is heading up a traveling USA Team headed to Germany. They need financial support. He's in with some players to talk about it

Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo with an update on her first few weeks on the job

Fox News' Jeff Birnbaum says many in the GOP are giving a thumps up to the movie 13 Hours. Our own Kristine Bellino saw the movie this weekend too

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