Monday, July 7th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Donald Sterling and his wife back in the news. Their trial begins today and some are questioning Donald Sterling's mental capabilities.

- We had beautiful weather this weekend what will the weather hold for the Boilermaker this weekend?

- We talk about the DWI story out of Utica. A man got his 5th DWI in 5 years. Read More:

- We talk about how DWI used to be handled and the days of police officers following a drunk driver home.


- Bill experienced some crazy weather in Maine over the weekend and saw some rolling fog and the fireworks show was more of a flashing lights show.


- Joan Rivers walked off the set of a CNN interview, because she believed the interview was negative.

- A fisherman in California were watching, narrating, and laughing at a shark attack and it wasn't til the guy was screaming that they realized he had been bitten.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray talks about the weather that Bill experienced in Maine and the weather we can experience for the week.


- Andrew is running the Boilermaker and he's doing it for a great cause. He is running for Sitrin Rehabilitation and could use your help to raise more money. All the money raised goes to help wounded veterans and those who are amputees continue playing sports.

To Donate to Andrew's Cause:

- Donna calls in to talk about the Shark Video and the people laughing. She also discussed the woman Audrey who needs new teeth and can't get them from the VA.

Tonya Powers - FOX News Correspondent

- The trial begins today to decided whether or not the sale of the Clippers will go through and one of the big factors in this case is Donald Sterling's mental capabilities.

- Tonya gives us an update on the court battle and we talk to her about free speech.

- We ask her what could happen today and what could become of this? There is a deadline and the NBA wants new owners by September.

- There was a bear spotted in New Hartford and even further still, someone found bear droppings in New Hartford.

- Bill also brings up the recent problem he's been having with his dog and he may or may not have bought a static collar to train his dog.

Kirk Evans - Target and 2nd Amendment Rights

- There was an open carry group that are trying to advocate for 2nd amendment rights. This movement by them to express political speech. This group does rile people up.

- Some are calling Target the liberal equivalent of Wal-Mart and yet they've usually stayed pretty middle of the road on this topic and lately they've began to sway left because of the pressure they've come under.

- Some of these groups are walking in with their long guns into public places in protest and it could scare people and Kirk talks about how people should make the public place aware of their protest.

- We also discuss the Safe ACT with Kirk and we also address the issue of who is mentally capable to carry these weapons.


- Bill is talking again about the static collar for his dog that he is using, but it is working. Bill is looking for someone who agrees and uses the similar collar.

- El and Tim call in to talk about their use of the collars. Tom also calls in.

- Devices like a static collar and the Invisible Fence work.


- Today is the last day of the New York Sash Independence Day Sale. Stop in for big savings, an American Flag, and an apple pie by stopping by their Showroom at 349 Oriskany Blvd. in Whitesboro.

- We discuss the French guy who called Bill a "Cochon" or Pig in french.

Anthony Picente - Oneida County Executive

- We talked about STOP DWI with Mr. Picente and why people drink and drive and how it effects people's lives.

- We discuss Bagg's Square and the positive progress being made down there and Quad C at SUNY IT.

- We discuss the Oneida Land Trust Deal and we discuss the confusion that comes with something like this and the lawsuits.

- We briefly discuss the Presidential handshake and his trip to Oneida County and Picente talks about how positive Air Force One landing here was for the airport in Rome.

Cathy Allison - Babe's Macaroni Grill & Bar

- We are talking about the Boilermaker Burger and the Boilermaker Burger Relay.

- It's a delicious Angus Beef Burger with bacon, tomato, lettuce, swiss cheese, BBQ Mayo, and onion petals. This burger is not only delicious but portions of the proceeds raised from Boilermaker Burger purchases go to the Food Bank of CNY.

- Upload a photo of yourself below enjoying a Boilermaker Burger to our station’s website or Twitter or Instagram using the #BoilermakerBurgerRelay

- Everyone who uploads a photo will have a chance to win a $25 gift card from Babe’s & Carmella’s

- We will select four winners from our entrants to compete in the “Boilermaker Burger Relay” at the Boilermaker Health Expo with our station’s on-air personalities.

Matt Miller - Rome Rescue Mission

- The Rome Rescue mission is suffering financially and they have made progress but have a long way to go. They are running with a deficit now and during the beginning of the Summer it's tough because people are thinking of grad parties, vacations and more.

- The Rome Rescue mission helps adults and children. Some of these children are afraid to go home that they help in the the shelter and in some instances the children are not taught by their parents properly. In one instance, a mother told her child who was 14-years-old they wanted them to get pregnant.

- We also discuss what life is like inside the shelter and the residents there. Many of them are employed full time and are working toward moving out on there own.

- They are $7,000 short of their fund-raising goals and you can get in touch with them to donate at or by calling (315) 337-2516.


- A man in Albuquerque left his daughter alone at home with a loaded hand gun so he could go get a tattoo. Police say that he leaves the handgun with his daughter for protection when he goes out.

- We discuss the issue of what's an appropriate age for children to be left home alone to watch themselves.

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