Monday, June 1st, 2015

Today we speak with Connie and Curtis from out sister station in Grand Rapids for a little wager. We also check in with Golan Ramraz who is the Executive Producer and co-writer of the movie being filmed in Utica, and we have a conversation with Oneida Indian Nation leader, Ray Halbritter.

6 AM Hour

- The Comets win!! They beat Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids with a score of 3-2. We also discuss some crazy stories including a bingo tire slashing incident. We preview what is to come this morning including Jeff Matthews, the film crew here in Utica making a movie, and the Ray Halbritter from the Oneida Indian Nation.

- Rand Paul feels rights have been violated with regards to the NSA. Bill also brings up Ambit Energy and the latest information about that. He discussed more of the issues he has with it.

- We talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel and Bill talks about the woes of trying to repair his pool and get ready to swim in.

- We talk with our sister station My Channel 95.7 in Grand Rapids. The name of the show is Connie and Curtis and we make a little beer wager for the rest of the Western Conference finals.

7 AM Hour

- We take calls on the Connie and Curtis exchange and Wayne calls up to talk about Ambient energy. Bill realizes he needs to call up his customers to let them know what's up.

- We give Eric the chance to win front row Comets tickets and we talk with meteorologist Jeff Matthews about his new venture, his own weather website.

- We continue speaking with Jeff Matthews and the new Central New York weather options.

- The band Somerton is IN STUDIO and they tell us a little bit about themselves and play a couple tunes. They sound awesome! Becca Paoni is one of the members of this duo and she is from Herkimer!

8 AM Hour

- In Studio with us is Golan Ramraz who is the Executive Producer and co-writer of the film "Falling" who is filming his movie here in town. We discuss the fact that they need extras for a few scenes here today. All the info can be found by tweeting @FallingMovie or by email,

- We are very happy to have on the air Mr. Ray Halbritter from the Oneida Indian Nation. We discuss a number of topics with him including the new casino, what is happening with the nation, the Washington NFL team, and more.