Monday, March 28th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Syracuse University's men's and women's basketball teams have made in to the NCAA Tournament Final Four!  Keeler says that it was the greatest Easter ever.  Kristine points out that there was an Easter bombing over the weekend.  Keeler and Monaski decide to focus on the local.  Keeler's wife, Alison, posted his reaction to the SU victory on Facebook.

Keeler's "Headed to 'Cuseton" post was re-Tweeted as a T-shirt alert by Syracuse University.  He says that he stole the phrase from little Kylie Dodge, who originally made the comment which was posted on Facebook by her dance teacher mom.  Kristine suggests that if there are T-shirts made, little Kylie Dodge should get the royalties - or a scholarship - to SU.


Tonya J. Powers from Fox News joins us to talk about the terror attacks in Brussels last week.  She spoke with General Michael Hayden and he said that the attacks were "borderline inevitable."  The interview will be released later this week.

Keeler talks about nanotechnology.  SUNY Rochester is dealing with photonics.  A reporter, Khristopher Brooks, at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle was trying to get information pertaining to the Photonics Institute there.  The request involves $365 million in taxpayer funds.  The response from SUNY Rochester, Keeler says, is unbelievable.  Every word of the 933-page response was blacked out by Thomas D. Smith, the official at SUNY Rochester.

Mario called in about what he called "the new nonsense."  Keeler says he does not want to hear "I told you so" from Mario.  But Mario is calling with another request.  He is looking for computers to be donated for use by some disadvantaged children in his neighborhood.


The people at the Pez company tried to hold an Easter Egg hunt at their visitor center.  Parents, not children rushed the green and grabbed all of the candy before the children could get it.

A speech by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was interrupted when a bird landed on his podium.

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Don Lemon interviewed Omarosa (Omarose Onee Manigaultregarding her support of Donald Trump.  When Omarosa would not answer his questions Lemon just asked that her microphone be silenced, which it was.

A postal worker in New York was arrested after yelling at police.


7 AM Hour

The postal worker in Brooklyn arrested is being reviewed by the New York Police Department.  The worker was almost side-swiped by a police car and yelled at police.  When he yelled at the undercover police driver for almost hitting him, the postal worker was arrested and taken into custody.


How do the latest terror attacks affect politics and the 2016 race for the presidency?  Professor Allan Saxe of the University of Texas at Arlington joins us.  Bernie Sanders, he says, is showing some real political muscle.  Now Sanders is attacking Hillary Clinton by name.  The New York primary this year will actually mean something.

The New York State Budget is due April 1, 2016.  A big point of contention in this year's proposed $15 minimum wage.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Ken Bayer from Clinton
  • Doug Jones from Westmoreland
  • Jim Elliot from Westmoreland

The cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica, New York goes to Ken Bayer from Clinton.


Joe from Rome tries his hand at the Free Money Question of the Day.  He wins $200!!!


Tim Reed from the Boilermaker Road Race is in with an update about registration and about what the organizers of The Crim are doing for the people of Flint, Michigan who have been affected by the lead contamination crisis there.

Keeler is mad at his wife for taping his reaction to the SU game on Facebook.  Kristine says it is payback for when he videotaped Alison sleeping.

WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning raised water and money for Flint, Michigan.  Tim talks about some of the amazing things that are happening courtesy of the running community in Flint.  The Crim is taking prize money and setting up scholarship funds for the children of Flint.  Their race takes place in August.

8 AM Hour

Michael Colangelo from Oneida Herkimer Madison BOCES and New York State Police Trooper Brian Derochie are in studio to discuss law enforcement response to statewide emergencies.

Keeler and Monaski talk more about Syracuse University basketball.

Joe from Rome calls in and says that drivers should drive with their headlights on during inclement weather.  Walkers should walk facing the traffic.

Bill from New Hartford calls in to talk college basketball - and Syracuse, of course.

Daren Martin is a workplace culture expert who joins us to talk about employment issues and employers who may face legislation that would require them to permit employees to take time off to attend their children's activities.  He says that the companies who are doing it "right" are the ones who are doing well in the stock market.

We review the passing of Garry Shandling, since we did not have time last week to pay our respects.  He was good friends with Conan O'Brien.

Shandling called 911 himself when he suffered a heart attack.  He dropped the phone during a 911 call.  We play some of the audio from the call.




















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