Monday, March 2nd, 2020

6 AM Hour

- The Coronavirus continues to slowly spread across the United States and to talk about the government response, we speak with Rachel Sutherland (FNR).

7 AM Hour

- Which records from the Rolling Stones are the most valuable? Well, of course we have to go to our man Mighty John on that! He breaks down the top ten.

- There is a concert coming up to benefit the ARC and Michael Galime is in this morning to talk about it. We also ask him to put on his Common Council President hat and we ask him a few questions about the city.

- With the Coronavirus among us it's important to know how to keep yourself protected from disease and germs in your office. Infectious disease analyst Rik Heller joins us this morning with all the information.

8 AM Hour

- We talk about the new plastic bag ban law and Sal Barbero is in this morning for one final push to recruit baseball umpires for local games.

- After a huge weekend Utica College Men's Ice Hockey moves on to next weekend and the UCHC Championship. We'll speak with Utica College Men's Ice Hockey Coach Gary Heenan for a recap of this past weekends game and what he expects out of his team going forward.

- We cap the show off by talking to Dan Barker about the incident in Holland Patent where a science teacher was reprimanded for teaching the alternative to evolution. Barker is with the 'Freedom From Religion Foundation."

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