Monday, November 2nd, 2015

6 AM Hour

Recapping the Mets' postseason and the Royals' World Series title. Plus, the Packers lost last night and a run down of this weekend's top stories

FREE Money Question of the Day! And, Keeler now has to give himself shots to battle very high cholesterol

Make sure you are checking, and double checking what your kids are watching. Kristine has a story

More disgusting audio from Jared Fogle, via Dr. Phil

7 AM Hour

Utica Mayoral challenger Louis LaPolla.

Audio of an amazing LIVE interview with a couple being swept away by flooding. Plus, Mary has a new restaurant review

Common Core scores: Robert Pondiscio of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Pondiscio says he is a Common Core advocate, but is very critical of the roll out in New York.

FREE Money Question of the Day. Plus, election predictions...we're making them, but not sharing them, yet.

8 AM Hour

Ron Moshier of the Utica OD breaks down this weekend's HS football action

Red Cross Ombudsman training is coming up

Utica Mayoral challenger Linda Sullivan Fatata

Incumbent Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri

Final FREE Money Question of the Day