Monday, November 30th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Recapping a busy sports weekend. Not good finishes for the Bills and Giants

The latest on the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting. Four killed and nine wounded. The shooter was taken into police custody.

Homemade Thanksgiving stuffing vs. Stove Top Stuffing mix. A FREE Money Winner!! And, Chris Christie is climbing, while Trump's numbers remain unphased by the outrageous things he says and does.

It's Cyber Monday. Are you in? Plus, no one was killed on Black Friday. That's a good thing and we hope Black Friday shopping deaths never happen again.

7 AM Hour

Danny O'Connell - High health care costs are keeping people from getting needed treatment

We take the Better Business Bureau's Digital IQ Test. Actually, we planned to, but Bill seems to be taking an online relationship quiz!!

Keeler's My Pillow is helping him sleep through the night. Plus, we finally take the real BBB's Digital IQ Test.

BBB Digital IQ Test part 2

8 AM Hour

Mike Lindell is the owner and founder of My Pillow.

Rabbi Didy Waks talks about Hanukkah beginning next weekend.

Adam Sandler's original Hanukkah song. Plus, there's a new version (the fourth) that he recently debuted. The Seinfeld cast sends a birthday card to a dying man who was a huge fan of the show. Plus, Jim Piccola from NYSDOT with an North South Arterial update.

FREE Money, Stump Rondenelli and we're giving away tickets to Friday night's Utica Comets game.

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