Monday, October 12th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Monaski and Keeler are upset over the New York Mets- Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS Game 2. We go into great detail about how the MLB botched the call, twice. Then, tried to make up for it 24 hours later. Uh, Joe Torre, you're about 24 hours too late on this one.

The Mets-Dodgers, Chase Utley-Ruben Tejada play Part 2

Steve Kroft of CBS News' "60 Minutes" doesn't let President Barack Obama off the hook. Plus, one of our listeners wins 100 beans!!!

#MadeInUtica. Mark Simon on Utica always getting a bad rap

7 AM Hour

Norman The Bull, rather, Norma The Cow was corralled on Friday, finally!! And, Utica council candidate Doug Joslin has been endorsed by the Conservative party, but now the chair of the party seems to be backing away.

Thoughts on Chase Utley? Will be play, should he get beaned? Umm, yeah?!?!

Central Valley Central School District Superintendent Rich Hughes, Ed.D. talks about the school's handling of a few JV athletes who were using cocaine.

Tony Colon of the Mohawk Valley Latino Association.

8 AM Hour

The Kimberly Simon murder case remains unsolved. Former classmates Melissa Camman and Romanelli Communications' Bernie Freytag believe someone knows something and they are pleading for that person to come forward.

Lt. Steve Hauck and the cowboy who corralled Norma the Cow talk about how the capture occurred on Friday. And, what happens next.


Mike Buckley and The Good News Center are doing something special for Veteran's Day this year.

Another chance at $100, and a round of Stump Jim Rondenelli (Jim was a little off today).