Monday, September 8th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- There is a story brewing in the NBA about one of the Hawks owners. He has partial ownership of the Atlanta Hawks and he has basically ousted himself because of a racial email he sent.

- Another racial story is out of Syracuse University. Senior soccer standout Hanna Strong was caught on video using racist and homophobic slurs. She has been suspended indefinitely.

- There is a story out of The Town of Webb, where a ninth grade girl was wearing short shorts and she was sent home from school. Now the parents are getting involved.

- Wayne calls in to talk about society today and how younger girls are dressing more scandalous.


- The video of us solving the torn flag issue is on our website:

- We created a bit of a scene on Francis and Oswego Streets when Kristine and Bill went to the convenience store to replace the flag. It truly was an awesome story.

- Robert Channing will be giving away a painting and $500 cash if someone can guess who the celebrity is that he's painting and the video is on our website: Guess and win we'll take 5 callers this morning to try and have someone guess.

- We preview all that's to come this morning, we have a packed day!


- We recap the story of the tattered flag at the convenience store at Francis and Oswego streets. We play audio from the story on our website.

- At first they didn't know how they were going to put the new flag up and a construction company helped us put it up.

- We want to thank everyone who helped us out with the new flag raising.

Jeff Eno - The Weather Channel

- Jeff commends us on the flag story and believes it was a very nice gesture. He then gives us his weather forecast for the day.


- The family of the girl in Ohio, NY who was sent home from school for wearing short shorts is going to the school board to defend their daughter and say that she is being singled out.

- The Buffalo Bills defeated the Chicago Bears and it was an amazing game! It was a very different Bills team than the one that was seen in pre-season.

- Joan Rivers' funeral took place over the weekend and Howard Stern made an inappropriate joke, but apparently it made the mood a lot better and everyone was very bright spirited after that.

- There is a terrible story out of Ohio in which a 15-year-old autistic boy was pranked with the Ice Bucket Challenge. A few kids poured not ice and water, but human waste on the boy and filmed it with the boys phone. Drew Carey pledged to give a $10,000 reward to information leading to the arrest of the kids who did it.

- A man in Ohio was driving around for two hours trying to turn himself in for DWI. Moral of this story...Stupidity is real!


- Coming up someone will get the chance to win a Robert Channing painting and $500 cash.

- Jeff is trying to figure it out, but this is one contest he will not screw up because he can't figure it out.

- If nobody guesses it, he will paint a little more and give another clue. Nobody knows who it is or what it is he's painting.

- We discuss the upcoming primaries for the Assembly (Claudia Tenney's current seat), an Oneida County Family Court Judge seat, and others.

- A judge has finally ruled that Jim Zecca will not be on the ballot for Council at Large because of term limits. We discuss this.

Robert Channing - Guess The Painting Contest

- We talk to Robert about his painting he's working on and we give listeners the chance to call in and guess.

- Nobody guessed correctly so Robert will be in tomorrow morning to paint more to give people another visual hint.

- The next hint is this person is MALE and DECEASED.

Brendan Quinn

- Brendan is the former Chair of the NY State Republican Party and he's Chris Farber's campaign manager.

- Brendan gives his reasons why voters should chose Sheriff Farber over Claudia Tenney.

- We ask him about the Sheriff's chances of winning and Brendan obviously thinks yes. He feels that Sheriff Farber has done a great job of getting out and meeting the people in all the counties throughout the district.

- Polls open in the Northern part of the District from Noon - 9pm and in some areas in the Southern part of the district are open from 6am - 9pm.

Austen Givens - Utica College Cyber Security Professor

- Austen is officially a Professor of Practices in Cyber Security.

- He is in today to talk about everything Cyber Security oriented. We start off talking about the importance of Electricity and Grid Security. Some terrorists may look to try and hack into grids and shut them down.

- Most folks do not have a home emergency plan and it's important to do so. This emergency could be an electrical grid attack.

- In general, Austen believes that it is definitely okay to pay bills online, however you need to take simple, yet very important steps to secure your information. One tip would be to keep all log in information on each site different.

- At Utica College they're working on something called digital fingerprinting. Your interests and behavior online can be used to establish and build a profile and identity for us. You know when you search something or someone and the next time you go to a website you see an AD for that thing or person? That's the digital fingerprint.

- We review the story of the celebrities that were attacked and had nude photos leaked. The attack was called spear fishing and a Brut attack. It is the result of the hackers sending official-looking emails asking to enter personal information.

- Austen tells us that it is easy for someone to remotely activate the camera and microphone on their smartphones and computers without you knowing. To avoid these personal attacks make sure to not download apps or software that look suspicious and cover your home computer camera with tape or a band-aid.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Ron is a Sports reporter for the Utica OD and he covers many of the major High School sports.

- Ron gives us his first High School football recap of the year and it was an exciting weekend. He also gives us a little preview of what's to come this weekend.

John Dillon - Oneida County Family Court Judge Candidate

- John is one of the four running for Family Court Judge. John gives his reasons for why he should be elected to the Family Court judge position. He talks about his over 20 years of law practice with specific attention to Family Court issues including child abuse, PINS (people in need of supervision), etc.

- We ask him about the position of law guardian.

- We talk to John about custody favoritism to the mother and how that has changed, it's not how it has been in the past.

- He talks about the importance of parents working hard to solve their issues especially for the best interest of the children.

Jim Zecca - Community Advocate

- Before we get to Mr. Zecca we play again the audio of Syracuse Soccer standout Hanna Strong dropping the 'N' word and 'F' word (derogatory for homosexuals).

- A new episode of Plate Night is on the website. See the latest episode which is Stampede Steakhouse!

- The judge has ruled that Mr. Zecca is going to be left off the ballot in his run for Common Council at Large due to term limits.

- He doesn't agree with the judges decision, but he respects it. He says that he's somewhat relieved that he doesn't have to deal with court anymore (taking off of work, etc.).

- He talks about term limits in regards to Frank Meola and his run for Common Council president.

- He talks about what the reason was for him to run this year in the first place and that was because the Republicans did not have a candidate to go up against those who are running on the Democratic side.

- Jim Zecca plans to continue to be a community advocate for the city of Utica. He will also be supporting councilman Vescera's race for Council President. He also will continue to attend meetings and do what he can to better our area.

Jim Piccola - NYS DOT

- Jim is from the Dept. of Transportation and he is on to give us an update on the arterial project.

- They have been doing some paving and some ramp work and continue to make some great progress including on the Pedestrian bridge. That bridge will be up and usable by mid-October. This will be key for safety.

- When it's all said and done, the pedestrian bridge will resolve any issue with people trying to cross the arterial. Construction will continue throughout the winter and they will soon begin work on the Court Street bridge.

- We review the story of the Town of Webb student who was accused of wearing shorts that were too short.

- We give our final thoughts on the shorts and how short is too short.

Enjoy your day!

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