Thursday, August 13th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Good Morning, Chief! Bill not happy with his customer service experience. And, remember the Geno Smith incident? The Bill scooped up the LB who broke Smith's jaw.

Working through an audio issue on our simulcast. And, Keeler explains why he's upset that he was called 'Boss' in an area business.

Andrew needs an efficiency apartment in his booth.

  Willie Waffle checks in. He's not a fan of the new Fantastic Four.

7 AM Hour

Billy Joel becomes a dad again. John Howard talks about a major change with the Clinton Courier. Steve Bulger with Kids Oneida talking about their annual Family of the Year celebration.

A pair of bizarre shoplifting stories lead to a discussion about when shoplifting could be justified. Where do you stand?

New York's Common Core test scores are in.

Contest: The Music Game. Stump us and win.

8 AM Hour

Gary Van, Keeler's first boss in radio, calls in to talk about the annual Little Falls Canal Celebration.

Craft Beer of the Week. Neagele needs some help with this 'Project' - Adirondack Hop Project.

Keeler won't let it go! Bill still has a sour taste after his customer service issue yesterday. Plus, Mark Caswell of the Utica Comets - What is going on with the facade at the Utica AUD.

Caller weighs in on customer service.

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