Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Today we will catch up with Congressman Richard Hanna. We will also get another restaurant review from Andrew's sister, Mary, and Naegele is in with our Craft Beer of the Week!

6 AM Hour

- We start off the morning with two previously aired segments.

- Kristine feels bad about killing a moth, Bill expresses his thoughts on hunting, and we talk about a crazy story of a family being served with arrest warrants for cheering their daughter on at graduation. We also talk with Ray Stagich about what we can expect from the Weather.

- We preview a little bit of what's still to come this morning and we discuss sports talk personality Doug Gottlieb's thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner.

7 AM Hour

- We talk with our sister station in Grand Rapids who so graciously made good on their bet and set us up with two growlers of Founder's All-Day IPA.

- We talk about Josh Duggar and whether or not he should get a pass on his past actions of touching his sisters and a family friend.

- The Duggar discussion continues and we talk about how worse the Duggar parents are making!

- Andrew's sister, Mary, gives her restaurant review of Bonomo's and we catch up with Congressman Richard Hanna about a number of issues including train safety locally.

8 AM Hour

- We check in with Brandon Lang to talk about the NBA Finals and who he feels will win game 1 and the series.

- John Naegele from McCraith Beverages brings in our Craft Beer of the Week and it is amazing. It is a beer that tastes just like Root Beer and has almost 6% alcohol. We also share out beer winnings with Naegele from our friends Connie and Curtis.

- Jordan Short from the United Way is on to talk about the beer pourers at Saranac Thursday and how much that helps with the fund-raising efforts of Saranac Thursdays.

- We always love giving prizes away so we are giving someone the chance to win a number of different prizes including passes to the Hall of Fame induction weekend. One of our favorite listeners, Cynthia, gets though to try her luck with The Music Game.