Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Today we honor the great David Letterman with an awesome surprise for listeners. Joining us on the program today is former WKTV anchor Karey Nobles who was an intern for 'The Late Show' back in 1997. We also try our Craft Beer of the Week with Naegele!

6 AM Hour

- The Cardiac Comets do it again! It took 7 games, but they defeat the Oklahoma City Barons with a score of 1-0 and they'll play Game 1 of the Western Conference finals against Grand Rapids and David Letterman is sent off in amazing fashion.

- Bill has purchased a number of canned hams in order to give them away in honor of Letterman's final show in homage to an old bit he used to do.

- The NSA is at it again. Some are claiming that they are over stepping the bounds again and abusing their powers. We also get the weather forecast from Ray Stagich. 

- Bill reminisces about why David Letterman was his inspiration and why he is such a huge fan. We also do True News Story....or not?

7 AM Hour

- Scot Hayes from New York Sash is participating in 'The Ride for Hope' and he gives us an update as he and the rest of the riders head in to D.C. to the National Center for Missing Children.

- We speak with former Utica news anchor Karey Nobles about her experience as an intern for 'The Late Show' with David Letterman. She shares some really cool stories.

- Bill and Andrew are out on the road to deliver canned hams to all the people driving on the arterial in honor of David Letterman's final show!!

- Bill and Andrew make their way back to the studio and Bill is worried because he feels Andrew is the worst driver ever!

8 AM Hour

- John Naegele from McCraith Beverage is in with our Craft Beverage of the Week because instead of beer, he's brought us Frank's Red Hot Bloody Mary drink.

- We play The Music Game for an opportunity for someone to win Comets Tickets. This version of the Music Game forces the listener to guess the song and artist in 7 seconds after hearing it.

- A stunt parachute jumper has earned a Darwin award for setting his chute on fire. The whole thing was captured on film.

- Mark Caswell from The Comets calls in to talk about the game 7 win last night and to let people know how they can get tickets to the 1st game of the Western Conference finals. We also talk with former Oneida County Legislator Dave Gordon who is running against Ed Welsh in South Utica.