Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Today we talk to a Family Court law expert about how social media is effecting marriages, Anthony Picente will be on to talk about why the fireworks law hasn't been included in Oneida County, and we talk a little about senior pranks season.

6 AM Hour

- Bill and Jeff have injuries to start off the morning, Bill talks about an old bit that caused someone to break their back, and we preview what's to come this morning.

- The Utica Comets will play Game 3 of the Western Conference finals tonight in Grand Rapids at 7 p.m. tonight. Also, Herkimer has passed another budget and now it will go back to a vote.

- Boston dealing with the aftermath of a long cold winter, Rick Santorum has joined the Presidential race, and India is experiencing a terrible heat wave that has killed around 1,500 people. We talk about some other crazy stories and then check in with Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.

- We have a few more doozie stories including more senior pranks and arrests to follow. Also, it has been discovered that Russia has hacked into the IRS.

7 AM Hour

- The discussion of Senior Pranks continues. We give an actual creative idea even though students are being charged. These kids put alarm clocks in unused lockers and set them to go off at different times. The ticking was feared to be bombs.

- We talk with Tim Hoch who is a family court expert and he's on to talk about how social media is destroying marriages. How does the social media realm effect the relationship as a whole.

- We talk about the fireworks legislation that Oneida County has still opted out of. We wonder why they still haven't gotten on board. We also talk about the fact that these "fireworks" aren't fireworks at all!

- We play the "Hat Trick" Music Game for a chance to win Comets tickets and we get two contestants that couldn't come up with the title and artist.

- We talk about our question of the day and that is Should Chimpanzees Have Rights of Personhood?

8 AM Hour

- We talk about The Comets competition in Grand Rapids, more senior pranks, and Joe Hobika joins us in studio to discuss some old pranks and the candidates for the City of Utica Republican party. We also have Oneida County Executive Tony Picente on to talk about the "Fireworks" legislation, we touch on the cyber-bullying law, and we get an update on the Nano project. Are the new rumors true?

- We talk with WUTR Eyewitness News sports director Austin Fontanella about the Comets matchup tonight against Grand Rapids. Mario also calls up to voice a few more concerns about NANO and then the discussion turns to economic development. Joe Hobika gets fired up!!

- The Tables have turned on Bill this morning! Joe Hobika almost becomes banned from the show.