Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

6 AM Hour

Mets WIN NLCS, headed to the World Series. Keeler and Monaski discuss. Plus, Joe Biden is not running for this point.

More Mets celebration and a huge night at the AUD at the Comets home opener

Discussing the latest on the Chadwicks church case as Christopher Leonard takes the stand.

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7 AM Hour

Discussing the story about a high school football player from Mexico, NY who was penalized for pointing to the sky after scoring a TD. We get into a heated discussion. has video of the play

The conversation continues and Brandon Lang weighs in

We've got an update on the story about the HS player penalized for pointing. Was the call justified? An local referee weighs in anonymously, but there is still disagreement in studio.

Zach Werrell, one of the 'whiz kids' who helped defeat Eric Cantor.

8 AM Hour

Cory Wells of Three Dog Night has passed away. He was 74. Plus, the Utica Rescue Mission's annual Gormet Guys to the Rescue is fast approaching

John Naegele brings us a beer that was created, by accident?

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente on the region's MV 500 presentation to the state.

Matt Nimey and Bobby Miller of Nimey's The Next Generation host a toy drive event this weekend to benefit the Keeler Toy Drive and Operation Sunshine

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