Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Broadcaster Al Trautwig apologies for comments on social media about Simone Biles parents. The confusion was caused because her grandparents adopted her as a child

Are Donald Trump's words finally catching up with him? He's beginning to slip in the polls

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol on a number of serious accidents over the weekend. And, he thanks all those who support the sheriff's kids' summer camp

Day 2/3 of Keeler's new diet. And the latest allegations against Bill Cosby

7 AM Hour

Checking in with Tonya J Powers on about the story of a New Jersey lawmaker who takes distracted driving very seriously. So much, he may call for an end to eating or drinking (coffee) behind the wheel

Checking in with John Zogby on the latest presidential campaign numbers

Trivia contest for tickets to Friday night's ESPN Boxing at Turning Stone

We had Andrew run to the store for some Crystal Pepsi. The 90s product is making a brief return and we wanted to know if it really tastes the same at regular Pepsi

8 AM Hour

A hearing is scheduled for this morning for the Creekside Mobile Home development issue

Regarding Keeler's latest diet attempt - we hear from a caller who says he lost 100 lbs. by following this meal plan

Cyber security expert Chris Copeland on credit card skimmers being placed inside gas pumps. Are you protected from this by the new credit cards that contain chips?

Keeler is skeptical about the new cable/internet provider Charter. He explains why

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