Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Donald Trump says ban all Muslims from coming to the US.

More reaction to Trump's ban Muslims comments

FREE Money Question of the Day. And, there are more cows on the loose!

A pair of Fox News Network analysts can a temporary suspension for on-air comments made after President Obama's Sunday address on terror

7 AM Hour

Gas prices falling under in Syracuse. And, Questions about General Electric jobs in Marcy

Princella Smith - investigators are probing whether the wife is responsible for radicalizing her husband in the San Bernardino shooting massacre

More reaction to Trump's ban Muslim comments. There are some who are out loudly supporting this idea. Guess who?

School Daze? Jean Burk thinks smartphones are making kids dumb

8 AM Hour

An update on the NY Safe act, prompted by a recent refusal by the Supreme Court to hear about a gun restriction in Chicago-area

Mighty John the Record Guy on the most valuable Christmas vinyl. And, Keeler and Monaski are tasting some local tea this morning

Twas the Night Before Utica Christmas. And, Kristine has breaking news on ECR International

Ending the day with a FREE Money Question, Stump Rondenelli and more info on a possible ECR International sale.

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