Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Today we will speak with Jeff Peneston who is a NYS Teacher of the Year about his open letter to Governor Cuomo. We will also speak with local pediatrician Dr. Marc Ritter about immunizations.

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***Today’s Topics***


- We have a bunch of big issues to cover still including the big one and that is immunizations. We will also talk with Jeff Peneston who is a NYS Teacher of the Year and he will be talking about his letter to Cuomo. We also have the Brian Williams latest.


- We wrap up the Brian Williams discussion, Rosie O'Donnell is leaving 'The View' and a 14-year-old boy fell through the ice and almost died and miraculously survived.

Jeff Peneston - NYS Teacher of the Year

- Jeff was one of seven teachers who constructed an open letter to the Governor about education with no political agenda in mind. We then take a break from our conversation with Mr. Peneston to talk to Weather Channel meteorologist Ray Stagich about the next couple days.

Continuing The Conversation with Mr. Peneston

- Bill reads more of the letter and gets to the true meaning and objective of this letter. He gives his thoughts on how to truly understand and fix the problems facing New York State Education.

Frank Policelli - Defense Attorney

- Before we get to Frank, we give an update on the wheelchair curling Team USA and Jimmy Joseph. They are tied for first despite losing last night and they play again at 8:30 out time.

- Now, we speak with Frank Policelli about the retrial granted to Mark Scheidelman. Sheidelman is the former Trenton Town Supervisor who was accused of sexual abuse. He gives his strong opinion on how a fair trial should be executed.


- We are doing the lottery contest again and our partner contestant is Jeff from Herkimer. The numbers are picked!

Dr. Marc Ritter - Pediatrician

- Dr. Ritter is a local pediatrician and he is on to talk about the issue of immunizations and their effects and effectiveness.

Continuing with Dr. Ritter

- We have a ton more questions for the Doc and he is glad to answer them.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Before we get to Ron, we talk a little bit more about Brian Williams and the start of the Lester Holt era.

- We also talk to Ron about the latest high school basketball and wrestling stories. Ron also talks with us about the Syracuse University Basketball program.


-William calls up to talk about more local sports and Syracuse Basketball.

Anthony Picente - Oneida County Executive

- We talk to Mr. Picente about a number of issues including the Upstate Revitalization Fund, the Oneida Indian Nation, and others.

Continuing with Anthony Picente

- We continue the discussion of the Upstate Revitalization Fund and what it will take for Oneida County to win it.