Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Walking was the focus of the Boilermaker Post Race press conference and because of Andrew's brief walking stint, Bill was inspired to write some parody songs.

- Robert Channing from NBC's America's Got Talent will be In Studio with a possible giveaway. Also people are dubbing him the "Glue Painter."

- Daniel Webster will be on later today and he is a local miner at the Herkimer Diamond Mines in Middleville. He mines everyday and sells his findings to jewelers.

- Bill talks about a young girl who was there one day who had found about $3,200 worth of quartz.

- Also there is already an issue with a Comcast customer support representative.


- There is a video that has gone viral. This man called Comcast to try and cancel his cable service and the customer service representative would not just do it. He kept circling the wagon.

- Bill talks about his customer service experience where the rep, cancelled his service in anger.

- The video continues for over 6 minutes and finally they cancelled but the customer service representative didn't let him go to easy.

Robert Channing - In Studio

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Robert had a big weekend performing at the Stanley Theatre on Saturday and he was at Utica College last night.

- Robert talks about what's new with him and what he's got planned.

- Robert performs for us an amazing mind reading demonstration with Andrew assisting. He blindfolded himself with silver dollars, duct tape, a blindfold, and more duct tape. Then he guessed correctly several items we held up in the studio.

- After we spoke with Richard Lewelling from the Weather Channel, we went to commercial break.

Another Incredible Display From Robert

- When we returned from break, Robert wrapped up a trick he was working on with Andrew. He had asked Andrew to draw a picture and put it in his pocket. He did not tell Robert what the picture was, he simply looked at Andrew and drew a house. It was mind blowing.

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

Here is the video of the incredible Robert Channing:

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- The immigration issue has become a political chess match and both sides are at check-mate.

- John believes that the President made a big mistake not going down to the border to take that photo opportunity.

- On the Republican side, immigration is not a winner for them and won't be this political season. The fact that they want children deported, will probably back-fire on them.

- John gives his thoughts on the potential for Jeb Bush running for President. Republicans are poo-pooing it, not only because of his legacy, but the fact he's too moderate especially in regards to immigration.

- John talks about the importance of young people learning new languages.

Daniel Webster - Herkimer Diamond Miner

- Daniel Webster makes his living mining daily at the Herkimer Diamond Mines. This interview was inspired by the Utica OD's Mohawk Valley Bucket List.

- Daniel really does make his living mining at the Herkimer Diamond Mines.

- Daniel grew up locally in Boonville. He travels from Tuscon, AZ to New York City promoting the area and selling his quartz.

- Dan Aykroyd uses Herkimer Diamonds to filter his Vodka.

- Daniel looks for a pocket and he usually gets about one good pocket a month and cleans it and "cures" it and then heads off to the gem shows.

- Daniel also plays music for a living too. He talks about Japan and Australia really having a desire for Herkimer Diamonds.

Lawrence Brinker - NUAIR

- Lawrence is on to talk about the Drones program at Griffiss. What they are trying to do is set up a test site at Griffiss and other areas in New York and Massachusetts to test and set up safety protocol for the FFA.

- What they will do is regulate the unmanned aircraft use.

- When asked about the people who are negative in our area, his response is about a public education effort. So often we have referred to drones in a combat situation for warfare. Mr. Brinker wants to talk about the positive effects drones can have.

- We talk about Amazon and their desire and readiness to use drones for delivery.

- We talk about the use of drones for donor organ transportation.

- We ask him about human job loss, but there will be jobs created because of that.

- Unmanned ground and maritime units are a real possibility as well.

- We talk about the security of these drones as well.


- If you're dealing with Storm Damage, Claim Solutions is for you.

- We recap what we've done this morning so far and what's still to come.

Rob Astorino - Republican Candidate for Governor

- Mr. Astorino has a side job for the company that owns our radio station, Townsquare Media.

- Astorino has a background in media and specifically radio programming.

- People are hammering him about having a budget in his county of $1.7 Billion and he's not supposed to have any additional income. He's been doing his job because when he walked in the door, the budget was $1.8 billion.

- The $30,000 Rob Astorino made working for TSM, was earned. He talked about Cuomo saving $30,000 on renovations of his house by not taking out permits.

- He talks about a possible debate and the corruption Cuomo's a part of.

- We ask him if he's the next Pataki and if he feels he has a chance to win.

- We invite him again to come In Studio.

Deb Bowen - Nudism Lifestyle

- Deb is nude now and always is. Nudism is a lifestyle choice.

- There are many shows on TV now about the Nudist lifestyle.

- Nudist communities aren't called camps anymore, they are called resorts.

- Deb explains to us the different types of nudist resorts and clothing optional lifestyles.

- She works out of her home and works for the largest nudist resort.

- You must have a towel to sit, lean, or lay on something. It's the number one rule in any nudist resort.

For a clothing optional vacation go to: (WARNING: Website Contains Nudity)

Some More Parody Songs About Andrew Walking

- Bill plays a few more songs about Andrew walking parts of the course and Assembylman Anthony Brindisi makes his way in studio to talk about his Boilermaker experience.

- JoJo and William call up to give their songs about Andrew walking.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi - In Studio

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- We talk to Anthony Brindisi about the Boilermaker briefly and Rob Astorino's TSM job.

- We talk with Brindisi about Common Core, the roll-out, and the future of the funding and training for Common Core.

- The general idea of Common Core is good, but it has to be done right. It's important not only for the education of our children but global competition into testing scores.

- We talk about the extension for the grant that would extend the school day in Utica.

- Assemblyman Brindisi talks to us about his State Education Committee and a bill he's sponsoring for creating a CTE (Career and Technical Education) diploma. This is for skilled workers.

- The idea of trade jobs being dirty is an old school notion. That's not the case anymore.

- Brindisi also talks briefly about the benefits of having Cos Tangorra in as Deputy Education Commissioner.

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