Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
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- Not much positive news going on. Russia is doing some missile testing, unbelievable tornadoes in Boston, and the Gaza Strip, to name a few.

- A judge OKs the $2 Billion sale of the Clippers and for the first time in Professional Sports Union history, a woman has been named President of the NBA Player's Association. Her name is Michele Roberts.

- A Delta pilot and an air traffic controller got into it. The controller told the pilot he was in the wrong taxi way. We play the conversation. How careful do we have to be with people and their sensitivity?

Jeff Monosso - FOX News Reporter

- This decision does not mean it's all over. The judge may have cleared the way for the sale, but there is no doubt that Donald Sterling will try and fight this.

- Shelly negotiated the sale with former Chief Executive of Microsoft Steve Ballmer for $2 Billion.

- If the Sterling's did not sell the team, the NBA would have seized it and auctioned it off.

- It's all about "Feelings!"


- It's going to be a comfortable and beautiful day today. One thing is for sure, this weather has been strange.

- Stephen A. Smith made a comment on air about domestic violence and he got himself in hot water by using the phrase "provoke."

- This whole thing happened because of an incident with Ray Rice in a Casino elevator with his fiance. We play the original comments from Stephen A. Smith.

Here is the Ray Rice video:

- Is there any level of provocation that excuses a man defending himself?

- We speak with Richard Lewelling from the Weather Channel for the Daily Forecast.


- Stephen A. Smith did apologize, but is it enough?

- This statement was most certainly written. This was probably a smart move since he wanted to get this one right.

- One female celebrity on "The View" to defend Stephen A. Smith was Whoopi Goldberg.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- The Millennials will have a big impact on the next presidential election.

- If they come out to vote or if they don't either way it will change things.

- These Millennials are 18-35 and a percentage of them are minorities. That would be a twofer for DEMS.

- John also talks about Putin/Russia and Israel. There is a lot of bombing going on and nobody really knows where the bombs are coming from.

Howie Hawkins - Green Party NY Gubernatorial Candidate

- Before we get to Howie, we talk about Sweet Corn and corn in the area.

- We have good Corn here in CNY this year due to the great growing season.

- Howie Hawkins is the Green Party Candidate for Governor.

- Hawkins addresses the Moreland Commission and Eric Schneiderman's role in it as well.

- Although Governor Cuomo is a strong candidate, there are some holes including fracking, common core, etc.

Sheriff Rob Maciol - Oneida County

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM
Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- Sheriff Maciol is In Studio and we wanted to pick his brain about Orange Is The New Black.

- Anytime we take a serious situation like prison/jail and make it comedic or dramatic, that's a problem.

- OITNB is causing Policy Changes in some Jails/Prisons across the country.

- We also bring up the issue of Medical Marijuana and the Sheriff's feelings about it. He and many other Sheriff's across New York State were on the same page opposing the legislation.

- Sheriff Maciol tells us that 50% of drug arrests are Heroin arrests and another problem they're dealing with are Meth Labs in rural areas.

- The Sheriff has also seen a spike in burglaries due to most likely drugs. There are no changes to policy, but there are different color suits for different reasons.

- The Oneida County Sheriff's Department is working on an elder tracking or dementia program. If you have a family member with dementia or Alzheimer's contact the Sheriff's office at 765-2200 to get a wrist band.


- Bill's gripe today was Sweet Corn because of the lack of recognition.

- Roxanne calls up to talk about the Town of Schuyler Sweet Corn eating contest and the winner will receive $300 cash and will get their name on a special belt designed by a belt designer who designed for Hulk Hogan.

- This event is this weekend in Schuyler (Saturday) and there are many activities going on.


- Bloomberg has released an anti-gun advertisement and Michelle Bachman's crazy association with gays to child rapist.

- We play Michelle Bachman's audio about the gay community.

- Society plays a huge roll in what is acceptable and not acceptable. She's claiming the government is becoming tyrannical.

- She believes that the agenda of the gay people includes changing age of consent laws, allowing statutory rape.

- Tom calls up to talk to about the gay issue and brings up a photographer and baker who refused to serve or give services to gay people.

Robert Channing

- We saw Robert go through to the next round, but he was not listed on the finalists list, however you never know what will happen.

- Robert is hopeful with his career now and AGT has given him a ton of publicity, including a huge grand opening of a resort. The CEO of Pelican Bay wants him to paint 7 of the best chefs in the world.

- These painting are very valuable and the Howard Stern painting he did is worth close to the prize money.

- He talks a lot about his future AGT aspirations.

Bob Seward - Shots Sports & Entertainment Bar

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM
Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- Bob talks about his experience with Shawn (Big Sexy) Smith in Los Angeles while auditioning for the show. There was a lot of networking that went on.

- Bob Seward, owner of Shot’s Sports and Entertainment Bar, stopped by the studio today to discuss the upcoming reunion concert this Saturday! Four contestants from Season 5 of the hit NBC singing competition “The Voice” will be here in Utica.

- Shawn “Big Sexy” Smith will be performing along with 3 Top 10 performers including Josh Logan, Olivia Henken, and Top 3 finisher Caroline Pennell. It’s going to be an amazing show and you do NOT want to miss it.

- Tickets are just $15 and that includes a Meet and Greet after the show!!!

Where: Shot’s @ 700 Varick St. in Utica
When: Saturday, August 2nd, 2014
5pm and 10pm
Contact: (315) 266-0020 Facebook:


- We talk about an anti-gun advertisement that will run in a few states that is really graphic in content. It involves a woman getting shot in front of her son.

- We talk about the gun safety laws and gun control in general.

- Some staffers are posting ridiculous things on Wikipedia.

- Intern Ed gives his take and William calls up to comment. Donna also calls up to give her opinion on the issue. She feels they should be training woman who have orders of protection out against someone how to use the guns.

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