Wednesday, June 24th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- How many cliches do you know and do you know them correctly?

- Fr. Sean O'Brien will be In Studio shortly to talk about him going back overseas.

- GOP Congressional primary to be held today. Polls open from Noon-9pm and there is a new poll out that was paid for by a PAC group that is also responsible for attack ADs.


- What is the one thing kids should learn when learning to drive?

- The one thing they should learn according to Bill is that they should learn how to drive stick.

- A good way to learn how to drive standard is if you learn on a dirt bike.

- A woman, Nancy Fredrickson, was grateful when car jackers left the car because the thieves did not know how to drive a standard car.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his daily weather forecast and talks briefly about the 4th of July. He got many compliments on the weekend and how beautiful it was.


- Bill was fascinated with the exit interviews after the World Cup games.

- A Florida woman gets arrested for going the wrong way on the highway and crashing. She then eats a whole bag of the weed that was confiscated from her.

- A man in Marcy has tricked out his RV for $200,000. He will be featured on the Travel Channel show "Mega RV Countdown." It will be on at 9pm.

- Terrorist group t-shirts are now available.

- The US game vs. Portugal this past Sunday set a record with over 18 million viewers.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- Before we get to talk with Fr. Sean, we speak with John Zogby. John says that the special interests groups that get involved have the objective of getting the message out to not vote for their opponent.

- John weighs in on the GOP Congressional primary. He talks about how Hanna will need people to get out and vote.

- John addresses the main difference between this primary and the Eric Cantor primary and that is Cantor seemed to forget his district and his concentration was elsewhere.

- John addresses Claudia running on a David and Goliath concept.

Fr. Sean O'Brien - In Studio

- Before we get to Fr. Sean we talk to Marge about the congressional race and she claims support for Hanna over Tenney.

- Listeners call up to give their thoughts on Bill's opinion on this race.

Tara Gadomski - Orange Is The New Black

Photo Credit: Paul Gregory, used with permission by Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Paul Gregory, used with permission by Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

- She has done so much with her career and now she's known for the six lines in this show.

- She is in the first episode of Season 2.

- A lot of the show is shot in a studio, but that day they shot in a real working prison.

- She helped Kristine run a triathlon at West Point.

Finally, to Father Sean

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Fr. Sean is heading back overseas again and for 11 months. He talks about what it's like for him as a priest to be called over there to do God's work.

Greeley Ford and Robert Channing

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- We have a big announcement! Robert will be back on tonight if you missed it Sunday night on AGT.

- Saturday evening at 6pm before Boilermaker and Robert will be opening for Classified at the Stanley.

- This show will benefit the Stanley World Stage and it is one of the major symbols of Utica.

- Tickets are on sale at the Stanley Box Office or

Ryan Nobles - WKTV Alumn

- Ryan is working in Richmond, VA and has some time interviewing and talking with Eric Cantor.

- One of the big differences in this case was the fact that voters down there don't have to be dedicated or registered to a party to vote in the Primary.

- Ryan talks about the reasons why Primary elections are so unpredictable.

- Ryan give the differences between the Eric Cantor race and our local primary.

More with Fr. Sean O'Brien

- Father Sean wraps up in Boonville and is going back overseas in August.

- Look up the horn of Africa and you can see why they're there and where Fr. Sean will be there.

- Fr. Sean will be the Director of Religious Affairs and to make sure space, materials, and time are provided by as well as support for all faiths.

- We talk to Fr. Sean about the VA Scandal and he is in the VA system. The care that he received from VA has been good.

- Listeners can do more than put on a bumper sticker on their car. There are many organizations that help with returning warriors. It's so important to support those who come home from abroad.

Jim Zecca - Community Advocate

- Mr. Zecca believes that someone has hit his car due to his opinions and stances. He is offering a $500 reward for a hit-and-run vandalism.

- He believes it's targeted vandalism because of his support of the neighborhood and a number of people made it clear that they were angry with him. He believes it's intentional because it's the second time in a short time that this has happened.

- Further still this took place at an event in celebration of the neighbors who were protected by the vote of "NO" on Stewart's issue.

- For information on this case you can call the UPD at 223-3555 or Mr. Zecca at 725-3771.

Wrapping Up With Plate Night!

- You can watch it live online right now! It's The Killabrew on Plate Night! Check it out now, they're serving Reuben Pirogis.

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