Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill's in a Summer State of Mind and Andrew is excited about his new Kayak!

- China is having their own spying situation. This applies to the corporate world.

- School Board Elections taking place today.

- There is a new product that has been invented and it is a sunscreen that you drink! The drink causes vibrations that help block UV rays.

- At a Chipotle in Texas a group of gun enthusiasts brought assault rifles into the restaurant. Because of that the Mexican Grill company has now decided no guns allowed!


- A new Plate Night will premiere Thursday at NOON on Canal Side Inn in Little Falls is the restaurant and they have a three course Lobster special.

- Continuing with The Chipotle discussion, it has always complied with state law in regards to carry permits and the Denver based corporate office has decided that a ban on guns in the restaurant is necessary.


- Bill shares a story about his old dog which was a greyhound. They believe it passed due to kidney failure, but what could have been the cause? Recently, they've been saying that jerky type treats are toxic and are responsible for dog deaths.

- Bill has a rubber toy called a "Kong" and he puts peanut butter in the device to keep the dog amused.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us a good weather forecast, despite the cold start. Temperatures could reach 71 this afternoon. Some rain tomorrow with possible thunderstorms.

- Memorial Day is looking A-OKAY! Thanks Ray!


- Our Internet service went down right in the middle of our broadcast yesterday, more specifically in the middle of Kristine's abduction story. Many people on our Radio Pup app were unable to hear the rest of her story.

- We recapped the story and Kristine will post her book later today so people can read it.

- Telling stories like Kristine's can help people get over similar situations or just therapeutic for Kristine to tell it and get the word out.


- Back in the day you would get a satellite dish and receive the service for free. Now you have to subscribe to the service that the dish company provides.

- Bill and his wife had a problem with watching Mad Men recorded on their DVR so he hooked it up to his Apple TV and has no problems. To watch it on an alternate source, you have to sign in with your cable provider to prove you have cable or some other subscription.

- There may be ways around it now, however these companies are cracking down and making strides to prevent free watching.

Jeffrey Simons - Rome Superintendent of Schools

- We began the discussion with Mr. Simons about the lack of a uniform voting time for these school board elections and budget votes.

- He's hoping for a big turn out for the school board/budget vote.

- The amount of cuts that the Rome School District is proposing is sad. The good news is that if the budget gets passed today as is 25 teaching jobs will be reduced as opposed to around 60. Teacher job cuts are never good, but less is better than more.

- The budget is a lot more positive than it was when initially proposed back in April. Rome polling times are opened from 9 AM - 8 PM today.

They Say It's Your Birthday...!

Happy Birthday to:

Michael Kalies from Whitesboro
Vicki Stockton from "Beautiful Downtown Stittville"
Kevin Stubley
Michael Palmieri
from Whitesboro

Congratulations to Michael Kalies of Whitesboro. You win the cake from The Florentine Pastry Shop!

Bruce Karam - Utica City Schools Superintendent

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- It's a great day to get out and vote.

- Tough budget today with some unfortunate cuts. The cuts include 23 positions to help balance the deficit.

- The positions that were cut are all important, but due to the fact that by law budgets must be balance, so difficult cuts must be made.

- Cutting administrative positions has helped with keeping teaching positions. 300 positions have been cut in three years.

- Mr. Karam begins the budget process very early. They feel like keeping the tax rate very low to help benefit people in the city especially the elderly.

- Utica is at a point where they simply can't make any more cuts.

- Will the city pay the school district money it's owed?

- We discussed the Common Core issue with Mr. Karam as well. Are we (parents) creating the dispute and confusion for kids?

- Utica School District Budget Vote taking place from Noon - 9 PM today!

Anthony Picente - Oneida County Executive

- County Budget has a surplus and the county is growing continuously.

- Executive Picente gives us a quick update on President Obama's visit and he knows nothing.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Before we got to Ron, we posed the question when was the last time a sitting US President was here in Central New York, more specifically Cooperstown. If anyone knows call 736-0186.

- Ron doesn't know anything about Obama's visit.

- Ron did his first "Ride For Missing Children" with his wife, it was her 6th, and he was excited but despite the weather, he was so impressed with the organization and all that went into preparing for the ride.

- He had nothing but great things to say about this organization and the organizers.

- A lot of high school baseball action and the biggest game is Hamilton @ Sauquoit. If Sauquoit wins, they will be tied for first with Mt. Markham. Tomorrow is the big day of sectional pairings with who plays who and where.

- Really good baseball teams this year and teams like Clinton, Franfort, New Hartford, and Holland Patent. The weather delayed things a lot this season. You can read one of Ron's most recent blogs by CLICKING HERE!

Assemblyman Marc Butler - Remington Arms

- This Remington Arms news was very troubling. After the announcement, Assemblyman Butler wrote a letter to the Governor in February back when the Huntsville announcement was made originally and no response has been given yet.

- Mr. Butler believes there is a lack of communication and poor leadership from the top.

- He is very upset by this news and he believes it is the SAFE Act that has contributed to a lot of the Ilion plant hardships.

- Remington continues to make a big statement. Ilion was supposed to be a place to consolidate and now with the SAFE Act its having the opposite effect. We can't let our Remington Plant slip away.

Pamela Matt - Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce

- Bill apologizes again and explains why he missed the Rotary speaking engagement.

- She tells Bill it's not a problem and they ended up inducting some new members and presented an award.

- In March of 2015 they are planning a centennial party for 100 years.

- In Pam's presidency, she has encouraged 30 new members. They have made some big changes and they are a great organization that promotes service.

- For the next three years, Pam will be helping with recruiting for the district from Albany and Rochester.

Phil Creighton - Ft. Dayton Dig

- Ft. Dayton is the "Forgotten Fort" because many soldiers came from there and engaged in significant military action, but nothing ever really happened there.

- The dig starts on May 31 and continues every Saturday and Sunday in the Summer. For information on how to participate in the dig call 768-9500 and ask for Phillip.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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