Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Today is Election Day! That's right the big races will be decided. Governor, Oneida County Family Court Judge, Utica Common Council President and more up for grabs! Also, we will speak with Rep. Richard Hanna and Pollster John Zogby.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Today is election day and we talk briefly about the National Senate races and other than that we only have a few local races, and the big one is Meola vs. Vescera.

- We talk also about why some people are probably not running against a lot of these candidates. Griffo, Brindisi, Seward, and others are all running unopposed.

- Brian Williams comes on the air to talk about the Weather Channel Meteorologist, Michael Seidel, and his alleged relieving himself. Williams cleared his name explaining what actually happened.

- Bill fulfills a request for the "Utica Common Council Monster Mash."


- The Chicago Cubs have a new manager and it's Joe Maddon. At the press conference, he bought all the media people a round of Boilermakers (A shot and A beer).

- Bill continues the discussion of the Propositions up for a vote. They are Redistricting, Electronic Bills Distribution, an Smart Schools Bond Act. In addition to explaining what the propositions are, he gives his opinion as well.


- We play for you the best/worst (however you look at it) political ADs from across the country.

-Ray Stagich gives us your election day forecast. No excuse to not get out and vote.

Free Money Question of the Day #1

- Our contestant is Lindy from Utica. Her question is: The Real "Big Ben" in London is actually what? She guessed a clock, but the correct answer is, a bell.

- We continue our political discussion on this election day and check in with our man Dave who is facilitating our "Honk Poll." Today's "Honk Poll" is Meola (1 Honk), Vescera (2 Honks).

Congressman Richard Hanna - New Bill and Election Day Discussion

- Before we get to Congressman Hanna, we talk about how Ben Stein made the claim that Obama is the most racist President in History.

- We talk to Congressman Hanna about the fate of the Senate, his new bill he's introducing (or should I say re-introducing) to Congress, and the campaigning business. He addresses the real takeover of Primaries.

Bethan Maher - ADK Scenic Railroad Preservation Society

- Before we get to Bethan we talk about a new vaccine for Ebola that worked 100% of the time when used on Monkeys. It's a vaccine that is sprayed up the nose. The only problem is that there is no money left.

- Bethan is the Executive Director of the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Preservation Society. They are responsible for the upkeep of the ADK Scenic Railroad. She is on to give her take on the Railway being extended to Lake Placid. There are two more public hearings in regards to this decision.

They Say It's Your Birthday...!

  • Carol Connelly from Utica

Congratulations Carol Connelly from Utica! She wins the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.

Rob Astorino - Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

- Rob is on to talk about how he feel this race has gone so far and he believes his chances are very good. He believes a lot of the polls are not accurate. He believes that the voter turnout for his side will come out energized and strong.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- We check in with Dave and our "Honk Poll."

- Our contestant is Joe in Utica! His question is There is one developed nation in the world that does not use it's name on it's stamp. The answer is Great Britain, but he guessed Russia. He doesn't win the $100, but he does win lunch at Carmella's.

John Zogby - LIVE from Washington D.C.

- Before we talk to John, we check in one last time with Dave our "Honk Poll" specialist.

- John is with Zogby Analytics and he is joining us LIVE from Washington D.C. to give us his Election Day predictions and Analysis. He gives us his thoughts and poll results on the national senate races.

- John believes that this will be an anti-incumbent day in the Senate.

- Russ gives us his quick comments on the Election. He is praying for Astorino and he believes if Jesse Ventura can do it, Astorino can.

Jenny Stromer-Galley - Syracuse University

- Jenny Stromer-Galley is an associate professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.

- Jenny is on this morning to discuss the role of Social Media in Politics and campaigning.

- We talk about the origins of internet and social media campaigning.


- The new sports guy at WUTR, according to Bill, looks 11.

- William calls up to comment on re-trials especially Pistorius.

- We review the propositions up for vote in the state and Bill gives his opinion on these.

Free Money Question of the Day #3

- Donna is our contestant today for our third question. Her question is who did George Washington beat to become our first President. She guessed Andrew Jackson, but the real answer is no one. She still wins dinner at Carmella's!


- A legislator in Kansas is running for Governor and we talk about the campaign ADs for him. The station goes back to back from Pro-Candidate to Negative attack AD against the same candidate.

- We take some calls from listeners on this Election Day.

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