Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

6 AM Hour

- Paul Ryan says he's not campaigning for Trump anymore and will instead focus on maintaining a GOP majority in the House. And, have you seen the Trump-Hillary Dirty Dancing remake?

- Samsung is no longer producing or replacing Galaxy Note 7s. And, they're telling those who currently have the phone to power them off, and leave them off - story here. Fox's Tonya J Powers is on to talk about it.

- Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio has the latest presidential poll. The latest poll shows Clinton up 11 points, but those numbers may not factor in Sunday debate.

- Rabbi Didy Waks is riding a bike around, dragging a Sukkah. What is it and why? - Story here.

- Mother finds out her daughter was bullying a child with cancer. She saves her head and puts the video on social media. We discuss whether is appropriate. But we're hearing the story is fake. The same video had been uploaded previously saying the girl was being punished for uploading nude pics of herself to the internet. Keeler thinks it's a social experiment, and it seems to working. We almost got into an in-studio argument over it.

7 AM Hour

- Fox's Simon Owen has an update on the tensions between the US and Russia

- An update on Danney Williams Clinton. He claims to be the son of Bill Clinton. He was scheduled to joins us yesterday but has now told us he can come on the show Thursday. Eliot Spitzer is back in the news. The Russian woman/escort whom he allegedly had an affair with has now been arrested trying to shake him down for $50,000 - story here.

FREE Money Question of the Day. Here's our question for caller Eric - Utica Club was the first beer sold after the defeat of Prohibition. In what year was that? The answer - 1933. Eric guessed 1932. And, we catch up with Rabbi Didy Waks (see above) and his mobile Sukkah.

- Keeler has audio of a scammer claiming to be from the IRS. This is one of the 'stories' being used to scam seniors and others.

8 AM Hour

- We catch up with Buffalo Bills radio play-by-play man Mark Kelso as the Bills are riding a 3 game winning streak.

-Debby Boone is performing at the new Boscov's in New Hartford all week. She joins us on the phone (Yes, that Debby Boone, singer of 'You Light Up My Life').


- And, Senator Griffo has info on an MMA forum tomorrow at 3pm at Turning Stone. Keeler is moderating.


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