Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***

Erin Hamlin - LIVE From Lake Placid

- Erin is joining us from Lake Placid as her training sessions has begun. With her new "Quad" beginning they're moving to the next step and new goals.

- In the preseason ice race in Norway she won! Even though it doesn't count, it was good to be off to a great start.

- One of the goals on her radar is the World Cup here in America and getting to stand on the podium. Also, a lot can happen in 4 years, but Olympics are definitely on the radar as well.

- She talks about how happy she is to be having this experience and to have fun while doing it. Her one expectation is to just have fun and do her best.

- She comments on how it feels to be an influence to other younger girls like she was.

- She is happy about the amount of people who have now followed the sport of luge.


- Imagine being so obsessed with a man that she was stalking him and was found in the chimney of his home. She spent a few hours calling for help before anyone heard her.

- Apparently they have dated a few times and went on a couple dates, but then it didn't work out and she seemed totally cool, but then she tried to access the roof twice.

To Get A Glimpse of This Wanna Be Santa:


- People are up in arms about the new Runnings store in Rome and are upset with their Grand Opening Event, Mutton Bustin.' They feel it is cruelty to animals.

- We speak with Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.

- We also do another Free Money Question of the Day and ask Dean the question, about what President was shot on the way to Governor Jerry Brown's office and that was Gerald Ford. Dean guessed McKinley, but he still won dinner at Carmella's and tickets to the Haunted Rails Ghost Train.


- We talk about the Presidential connection with the Adirondacks. When McKinley was shot and killed, Teddy Roosevelt was up near Blue Mountain Lake. He took a train from up there to D.C. to be sworn in and Andrew knew all about it.


- We talk about the Weight Loss Challenge and other things you can win. We give an update.

- We also talk about Lockheed Martin and the possible opportunity for an expansion which would bring jobs and money. The one thing that may be cause for a slight concern is the fact that there is nuclear power involved.

Anthony Brindisi - CTE Diploma

- Assemblyman Brindisi is on today to talk about his victory with the Board of Regents. This would allow high school students to graduate with this Career and Technical Education Degree.

- This will be good for kids who maybe have more interest in trades than a lot of book stuff. These students can learn these courses to have the opportunity to get jobs in the Nano Sciences to keep kids here at NANO Utica.

- Teachers and Guidance Counselors should be encouraging this as leading to good well paying jobs.

Howie Hawkins - Green Party Candidate for Governor

- Howie is running against Cuomo in the Governor's race on the Green Party line.

- Before we talk to Howie Hawkins we clear up the confusion about new TV rules about the NFL Sunday games, specifically Fox and the Bills.

- Howie is on to talk about the fact that Cuomo tried to have Fracking environmental studies changed before the were published with regards to methane gas.

- He talks about Hydro Fracking and how he is the only candidate in this race that is for a ban on Fracking. He also talks about the advancement of energy and alternative energy. We do not want to fall behind the curve.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- Before we get to the contest, we review Howie Hawkins and our interview with him and his views.

- Out second contestant is Bill from Whitesboro. He wins dinner at Carmella's, two tickets to the Haunted Rails Ghost Train, and the $100!!!!!

Rob Astorino - GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

- Rob comments on what Howie Hawkins has said in his campaign and he is the true liberal candidate.

- Rob Astorino comments on Cuomo not only trying to tamper with Fracking studies, but the Moreland Commission as well.

- Cuomo is sliding and Astorino is stagnant according to Howie Hawkins, but Astorino agrees with only half of that.

- He also talks about Cuomo's attempts at regaining momentum by running false ADs.

- Astorino also discusses Cuomo and Obama's handling of Ebola. The CDC believes that Ebola will come to NYC by plane if something is not done. Astorino calls the President incompetent on this topic.

- Astorino talks about in detail how he would handle the Ebola situation at JFK and Newark. He doesn't agree that a travel ban will hurt the cause.


- We review the Astorino interview and some of his politics in this race. Bill believes the stance of Astorino on this Ebola situation could help narrow the gap.

- Other than the Gubernatorial Race, this election season has been pretty boring.


- Stefan calls up to give his World Series predictions and he believes the Kansas City Royals will win in 7 games. He brings up the interesting point that both of these teams are wildcard teams and if this was in 1994, it wouldn't have happened.

- William calls up to give his opinion on the Oscar Pistorius sentencing of only five years. He could be out in 10 months.

- The court believed the story of him thinking it was an intruder.

- We review the story of the crazy woman who tried to break into the guys house through the chimney.

- A woman in Florida is on a crusade against Toys R' Us for carrying Breaking Bad toys.

Free Money Question of the Day #3

- Our contestant for the final shot of the day is Bob in Deerfield! He will try for $100 but already won the dinner at Carmella's and two tickets to the Haunted Rails Ghost Train.

- The question is: What tragedy happened to the clock in Peter Pan? He got the right answer, but 2 seconds late.

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