Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Today we will speak with Robert Geer from SUNY Poly about their new President Dr. Alain Kaloyeros. We will also speak with Brian Pitre about a drone course he's teaching and Comedian and Actor Jay Mohr (Jerry Maguire).

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***Today’s Topics***


- Al Qaeda taking responsibility for shooting in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters. The newest cover of Charlie Hebdo features a figure of Muhammad that is quite phallic.


- Syracuse advances to 4-0 in ACC play, a man was the lone passenger on an airplane, and a dog in Seattle knows how to ride the bus on his own.

Watch the Dog Riding the Bus:


- We continue our discussion on Syracuse and how they're doing so far this year. We also talk with Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel about our forecast for today.

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- Live from the streets of New York City...It's Peter Franklin and his True Tales!

Visit Peter's website:

John Stephens - Herkimer County Legislator

- John has an issue with the Boy Scouts of America closing and selling Camp Russell. He is in the process of trying to save the camp with a Facebook page:

Robert Geer - SUNY Poly

- Geer is on to talk about Dr. Alain Kaloyeros being named President of SUNY Poly and Robert Geer is still highly involved in the operations of the college and NANO. He talks about where we're at in the process.


- Paul calls up to give his concerns with Utica NANO and the politics surrounding it. Bob also calls up to give his thoughts on Camp Russell. One "Glee" cast member said on "The View" that white people shower more than "ethnic" people.


- Dave calls in to comment on the issues discussed this hour.


- Bill's having car trouble and he's worried it might be the engine and NASCAR driver Kurt Busch believes his ex-girlfriend is an assassin. 3,000,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo have been sold and more are being called for.

Brian Pitre - SkyOp

- Brian has founded and teaches a course at MVCC Utica on how to fly safely drones and how to make money using the drones. With the course you get a quad-copter to keep!

To Find Out More About The $1,499 Course Go To:


- A retired elementary school principal in New York won the Mega Millions Jackpot and it was because his wife was nagging him! We talk about some other entertaining news stories.


- We were looking forward to talking with Jay Mohr, but he did not call in so we will talk to him tomorrow.

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