Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Donald Trump is out of Thursday night's GOP Fox presidential debate. Will it hurt him?

Do you remember when Trump was tapped to host a GOP presidential debate in 2011? Is his withdrawal from Thursday's debate hypocrisy?

Ted Cruz is not challenging Trump to a 1 on 1 debate. Plus, Abe Vigoda passed yesterday at the age of 94

True tales from the snowy NYC, Peter Franklin checks in

7 AM Hour

Pollster John Zogby discusses his latest poll which finds that if the election came down to Trump and Hillay, it's a dead heat

In studio: Greg DeLuis of DeLuis Guitars and The Shop Music Venue in Little Falls. He makes guitars by hand

DeLuis plays some music from one of his guitars

Keeler's grip with distracted driving. And, we're looking for another FREE Money Winner.

8 AM Hour

Following Keeler's tragic story yesterday about losing two family pets, Kristine shares her own story of a family pet scare this week

Utica Councilman Joe Marino discusses the Hotel Utica deal

Melissa Kehler from the Good News Center says tickets are going fast for the upcoming Dance The Night Away

Utica Comptoller Bill Morehouse discusses the benefit for taxpayers in the Hotel Utica sale and how we was given approval to waive past penalties and fees. Plus, a quick chat with legal expert Lis Wiehl

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