Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Some bad weather ripped through Central New York and depending on where you were you may have gotten hit harder than other areas. Rome, Utica, Sylvan Beach and some other areas got hit pretty hard.

- Some people have pictures of funnel clouds and other damage pictures.

- Kristine believes that as a broadcaster your job is to not panic people but inform. We discuss the difference between watches, warning, and other kinds of warnings.

- It was terrible that some people in New York died as a result of the storm.

- John Tebbetts from Tebb's Head Shops has been sent to prison for selling bath salts/synthetic drugs at his shops.

- 7 World Records were broken in the World Cup. Germany scored 7 goals against Brazil. Ed gives us an update on the World Cup.


- We recap the World Cup again with audio from the match and JoJo calls in to recap his bets and wagers.

- A man choked to death during a hot dog eating contest. Hot dogs can be dangerous because they're the same size as your esophagus.


- In Madison County there are 4 reported dead and some homes were ripped apart.

- We have been talking about a story about a woman named Audrey, who is a VET who lost her teeth when walking her dog, but now the VA won't pay for her dentures. We talk with Audrey on the phone about her story and her struggles.

- She doesn't have any money and she's not able to go and get her teeth taken care of by herself. She's not the only one, other veterans in Rome she sees have no teeth or dentures either.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us a report from last night's storm and confirms a couple of Tornadoes that touched down in the North East.

- Ray explains what caused a storm like the one last night.

- Weather will improve today, but we may see some cold temperatures overnight tonight. Nice weather for the weekend.

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- Tom calls in to talk about a veteran he helped with persistence and he talks about the VA.

- Peter Franklin talks about his True Tales.

- Visit His Website:

Tameka Lawson - IGrowChicago

- Tameka and her organization are trying to use Yoga and teaching Yoga as a way of ending the violence in Chicago. The big thing for Tameka is changing the mind set or the way of thinking for the people that kill.

- A lot of the time these kids don't want to cooperate with police because of the bad experiences with police.

- With the Yoga they are engaging the neighbors and the boys that hang out in the neighborhoods. They engaged and connected with the people in the neighborhoods before even starting the Yoga.

Allen Naples - M&T Regional President for CNY

- M & T has 50 volunteers and about 1,000 cowbells to distribute to spectators at mile 8 and we discuss the importance of support at that mile 8 mark.

- We discuss the economic benefit for Utica the weekend of the Boilermaker.


- A new episode of Plate Night is up on the website. It's PKs Pub in Herkimer.

- Keith The Paper Guy calls in to talk about how bad Rome got hit by the storm. He says to avoid Washington Street if you're driving in Rome. Washington Street to Turn Rd. or George St. near the YMCA in Rome.


- Things seem quiet on the front of teacher's and the teacher's association in regards to the extended school day.

- Later on in the program we will be joined by Jennifer Davis who is President of the National Center On Time & Learning.

- A guy jumped in the water to attack an alligator for revenge for eating the guys dog. Turns out the guy has no dog. Two teenagers walked by and rescued the guy.

- A 90-year-old woman who had been in a coma, woke up and didn't know how to reconnect with her family. Her family thought she was dead. It turns out she had over 100 relatives and there was a reunion!


- We give away a pair of tickets to the Classified/Robert Channing at the Stanley on Saturday, July 12th, 2014. For details visit:

- We talk a little more World Cup action and how extreme soccer fans are. People have been killed in riots.

- We give Ed the Intern a hard time for being Un-American.

Jennifer Davis - National Center On Time & Learning

- We review the grant that requires the school day to be extended.

- Jennifer Davis is the President and Co-Founder of the National Center On Time & Learning.

- Jennifer talks about how this is a good time for New York. She supports common core and the extended school day.

- She is familiar with New York State and Utica specifically.

- The impoverished school districts are the ones taking advantage of and benefiting from grants like these and the extended school day.

- Bill believes there's a connection between violence and lack of quality education, he uses the Chicago situation as an example.

- The extended school day could help with homework and support in that sense.

- She does admit that Common Core roll out in New York was rough but is the right thing.

- In regards to students that are doing well and don't need the extra time for math or English, then that would give them more time for robotics, foreign language, and advanced sciences. She addresses the issue of cost as well.

- She comments on the aspect of students having a childhood.

Josh Evans -

- Josh is from is a sports memorabilia website and they auction off the stuff.

- One of the items they have are the Jim Brown 1964 NFL Championship Ring and we discuss the "controversy" surrounding it.

- He also lists some of the other items that are up for auction on their site.

- If someone has an item they think is valuable they can send pictures and they do free appraisals.

- We talk about the value decimation of steroids era players memorabilia. Jersey's that would go for one price will sell for a fraction of it.

- People like Pete Rose and OJ Simpson still have value in their stuff. Josh compares value of OJ stuff to what Aaron Hernandez stuff will be worth.

- We talk Wheaties boxes and the zero value they have.

- Visit the auction site:

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