Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


- Mt. Markham high school baseball player Brent Hecker throws over 130 pitches in 10 innings only giving up 2 hits, 2 walks, and striking out 21!

- Do younger players who are professional prospects burn themselves out too soon? An increase in "Tommy John" surgeries in the past few years.

- Magic Johnson comes out in response to the Donald Sterling interview with Anderson Cooper.


- Magic speaks out about Donald Sterling's interview with Anderson Cooper saying he feels sorry for Sterling.

- Magic also talked about his reaction to the original tapes.

- He says he's upset but doesn't hold grudges and would probably say hello to him if he saw him and his wife again.

- Oscar Pistorius trial delayed. They are trying to prove that he has a severe anxiety disorder.


- Will Professional MMA fighting finally be allowed in New York? Will it pass in the Assembly?

- We will talk to Senator Griffo later this morning about this.

- The reason it's not allowed in New York professionally now is because UFC and pro MMA is non-Union. Madison Square Garden and New York City is all union.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his weather forecast and talks about a weather man showdown!

Peter Franklin - True Tales from NYC

- Peter is the last English speaking cab driver in New York City and he gives us his weekly True Tales.

- The President will be in New York City today, which will most likely cause traffic delays.

- We also discussed with Peter mammograms, or as they're called in the Franklin home "Mommy-Grams."

Jeff May Get Himself Into Trouble!

- He told a joke that was funny to us, but maybe not so funny to his wife! This is in anticipation of our upcoming guest Dr. Richard Lee.


- Andrew needs some work on his punchlines and Jeff may get himself in trouble with his wife.

- Donna calls in to talk about a phone scam involving a man claiming to be from the IRS. Watch out for phone scams and dialing 800 numbers.

- This stemmed from a National Grid Scam that is going on in Herkimer. If you are being called by National Grid, don't call back the number they give you. Look up the National Grid number on your bill and see if there really is a problem.


- How sanitary are hospitals? The Newsmaker of the day, Mers, prompts the discussion.

- Audio from the Michael Sam press conference was played. Bill points out that Sam does not sound gay and that's because "sounding gay" is a stereotype that needs to go away.

- Sam was asked how do you react to negative comments on Twitter and elsewhere and he says, "I don't read them."

Dr. Richard Lee - Can Spousal Nagging Lead To An Early Death?

- Stress caused by over-nagging can lead to heart problems.

- What is the nagging about? What is it doing to you physiologically?

- Stress is second only to smoking for cancer and diabetes.

- Stress can cause chemical reactions in your body that can cause severe damage and even damage sex hormones.

- Stress from watching a sporting event is different than not having a good job or job at all.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

- We addressed the issue of fiscally stressed school districts and municipalities and the leveled out pension fund.

- There is a plan in the works to lower the contributions of school districts and municipalities into the pension fund.

- Bill asked the comptroller about Gap Elimination and school funding.

- Terrible time to go into the teaching profession is a bad message to send.

Peter Faughnan - Utica Brewers

- Before we got to Peter we talked about the current problem of putting a debit card in your pocket, wallet, or purse.

- One woman gives this couple a $20 bill because they are out of gas and have no money. They give her a hug and use a device to steal the woman's credit information and identity.

- The woman who stole the identity said she won't stop helping people.

- You can get a device to protect you from that at Kohl's, Ebay, or wherever.

Now to Peter:

- Peter is the General Manager of the Utica Brewers. They play at Murnane Field.

- It's a league that consists of college players that are potential MLB players.

- The league is growing.

- His father is David Armstrong who has a banner hanging in the AUD and was a former Clinton Comets player.

- Games start June 2nd (Exhibition and free for everyone). First Home game is June 7th vs. Rams. First 500 fans will get a schedule and fireworks after the game.

- Maryanne calls up to talk about the credit theft issue.

Andrew Goes Off!

- Andrew got talking about his frustrations with a certain bank (which he mentioned). His main frustration was the fact that he couldn't get his pin number from the bank over the phone.

Jason Powles and Jim Breuer

- We were supposed to talk with Jason during Andrew's rant but neglected to (Andrew's fault). We re-scheduled him but spoke with him briefly to tell him it was Andrew's fault.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

- Jim Breuer is coming to the Turning Stone June 7th @ 8pm to the Showroom.

- He talked about his hometown and his early career. We also talked about his comedy special on Netflix.

- He talks about his kids not knowing some of the big names from back in the day and tells a great story about his daughter and Joe Pesci.

- Jim is going to be at the Turning Stone June 7th @ 8pm and you can get tickets by CLICKING HERE!

Senator Joe Griffo

- Professional MMA debate and whether or not it will come to the floor for debate to allow it here in New York.

- We also talked about Nano Utica and stricter penalties for Pedophiles.

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