Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- An off-duty Rome Police Officer sprang into action when a 17-year-old male tried to steal a wallet from a cyclist.

- We talk about Obama and how poorly he handled the beheading of the American citizen by ISIS.


- Andrew's life could be in danger! He can prevent it though. A man on an airplane was having a heart attack and he ended up dying because his chest was too hairy. They could not use the defibrillator, because his chest was way too hairy.

- Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was on Sean Hannity last night and he gave his thoughts on the ISIS situation.


- CNN is at it again! One of their anchors was talking about the Leaks of nude photos and it was unbearable.

- If you wanted to watch the "Making of Frozen" last night on ABC, you would have missed it because, WUTR broke in to talk about the tornado that didn't touch down.

- We Ask Ray Stagich About It!

- Ray gives us our forecast and talks about the dangers of tornado warnings. We could see some temperatures closer to 90 by the end of the week.

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- We get Peter's take on ISIS

- Peter gives us his true tales from New York City!

- Visit Peter's website at

Nicole Montgomery - Wonder Works

- Wonder Works is an indoor amusement parks for both entertainment and education. There are over 100 different exhibits inside and their is a ropes course outside in the actual mall area.

- There are also activities for all ages including rides and scientific exhibits.

- Many of the people working at Wonder Works are from Syracuse and they're happy to be there.

- It is not just for Children, adults do come in including bachelor and bachelorette parties are big too.

- There is a new exhibit coming out soon as well! A telescope exhibit.

Austen Givens - UC Professor

- If you are taking pictures that are sensitive, like the celebrities did, make sure you take extra measures to protect them and keep them local.

- Austen stressed making strong passwords! You lock multiple doors and carry lots of keys, and you have to do that similar thing for your smartphones and online stuff.

- Some people have a program on their computer that stores passwords and Austen says that password should be the strongest.

- Austen explains to us how important personal security is and the fact that these attacks on these celebrities were specific and it's known as a brut force attack. The technique used to hack into these celebrities photos was a program that tries millions of Username and Passwords at a time.

Julia Brouillette - Oneida County Family Court Judge Candidate

- We ask Julia about her experience in the Family Court system and why she should be elected to the position.

- We talk to her about the importance of working out issues amongst couples that are parting ways without court.

- We talk about her take on shared parenting and how beneficial that is.

- We talk to her about the father role and how fair they are being treated today in New York as opposed to in the past. Her thoughts on that in her world comes down to the individual person and their story.


- Bill talks about his new diet and Medifast. He is at it again. It can evoke some emotions that you're not used to because of the shock to your system.


- Studies show that couples who smoke pot together have a decreased risk of fights that lead to domestic violence.

- A man named Jose Zumora. He could not find a job after searching for a whole month, then he decided to drop the "S" from his name and then the jobs and offers came flooding in.

- Coming up we'll talk with Rob Hilton from Hilton Estate & Elder Law about the importance of having a living will.

Rob Hilton - Hilton Estate & Elder Law

- We review the case of the man who died of a heart attack and because his chest was too hairy, the defibrillator was not able to be used.

- We talk with Rob about the importance of being prepared and making sure if something happens to you. You need your plans to be fulfilled.

- If you don't have a will or are unprepared your assets will NOT go where you want it to. If you die without a will, your money will go two places. Half to wife and half to kids. That money will then be available at 18 which is not always the smartest way.

Lori Vann - Marital Marijuana

- Mary Ann calls up to talk about the fact that she was almost a victim of the IRS scam.

- Lori is a professional counselor and suicide/depression expert. She starts off by saying more research needs to be done and the big thing is correlation isn't always associated with causation.

- We do know the nature of marijuana can typically with most people (not all) have a calming effect which is probably the reason for it.

- We also talk to Lori about Robin Williams and depression and suicide.


- Team USA Basketball team came out dancing the HAKA.

- A woman named Elaina is one of the few people with three different biological parents.

- We take some calls from listeners to wrap things up.

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