A Kentucky state lawmaker took his own life on Wednesday, just days after a disturbing allegations of sexual assault against a teenager and calls for his resignation. 

Dan Johnson, a representative in the Kentucky state legislature, was accused this week of forcibly kissing, groping and using his finger to penetrate a then 17-year-old girl at a 2012 New Year's Eve party, despite her asking him to stop, according to article at the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting website.

The 57-year-old who reportedly went by the nickname 'Pope' denied the report but was being called-on to resign by fellow Republicans.

On Wednesday, someone alerted police to a rambling Facebook post on Johnson's page in which he said the accusation was false and 'not the way they make it out to be', professed his love for his wife -'the best wife in the world' - his five children and nine grandchildren - 'including two in tummies' - and his friends.

The message continued by saying the allegations came from Satan and that his loved ones should blame the devil himself; to love and forgive everyone, 'especially yourself', and 'most importantly, LOVE GOD.'

Authorities were able to track Johnson via his cell phone, the Washington Post reports, where they found him near a bridge in a secluded area with a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Kentucky.com notes that Johnson also claimed to have PTSD in connection with the Sept 11, 2001 terror attacks at the World Trade Center. But, the KCIR report seemed to question the legitimacy of Johnson's claims the he pulled bodies from the rubble of the collapsing towers:

He set up a morgue right there, right near the rubble. And for two weeks — two heinous weeks — the Pope gave last rites for “all of those” pulled from the towers.

But Storm Swain, a Philadelphia theology professor who wrote a book about chaplains at Ground Zero, has never heard of Johnson. She said it’s highly unlikely that any civilian, let alone an out-of-town clergyman, would have been asked to — or would have been able to — set up a morgue in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

And a spokeswoman for New York City’s medical examiner’s office said she checked with several colleagues who were at the scene. No one remembers Danny Ray Johnson.

The KCIR report, however, did say:

Records show Johnson collects workers' compensation from the state of New York. But there’s no credible evidence of Johnson ever living or working in New York for any length of time. So, his workers' comp benefits are almost certainly tied to 9/11.


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