An 11th grader at New Hartford High School who has a YouTube channel that covers local politics is at odds with Claudia Tenney and her campaign.

Luke Radel is Elected News on YouTube and Twitter and he covers local politics, including the race for NY-22 in which Claudia Tenney is challenging incumbent Congressman Anthony Brindisi.

Radel claims he was covering a Tenney rally on Sunday in Herkimer at the VFW when he was kicked out by Tenney supporters and member so fo the VFW. He said the eviction was wrong because other members of the media were not kicked out.

Tenney's campaign challenges that interpretation of what actually happened.

“Sunday’s rally was a scheduled and open press event, which was planned and coordinated to include a designated media area. Every credential member of the media adhered to the guidelines of the event, which are standard of all political events. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Claudia Tenney spoke directly to the media and answered every one of their questions until there were none. Those outlets' news reports are now publicly available and prove Tenney and Stefanik’s willingness to engage the media and answer any and all questions. Claudia and her campaign welcome all media to attend such open press events in the future if they abide by generally accepted and previously agreed upon rules.” — Tenney Spokesman Sean Kennedy  

The Tenney campaign sent a statement to WIBX declaring that other media outlets followed the protocol and were able to ask all of their questions. The Tenney spokesperson said Radel was asked to leave because he did not follow the rules and the event was being held on private property.

Pictured below is Luke and his father with Herkimer police and a complaining volunteer -- note he's wearing a food service glove. The photo was provided by the Tenney campaign.



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