It may have been at the Northeast Outdoor Show at the Dutchess County Fair or it may have been in an issue of Architectural Digest but either way the first time I saw a TIny Home I want one.

I should clarify that comment, I don't want to live in one, but I would like to have one on my property as a guest house. The truth is, I already live in a tiny home that's why I need a guest house. They are so darn cute it seems they would fit anywhere. One of my neighbors recently put one on the property where they use to have an RV and I swear it takes up less space.

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I think the best way to decide if you really want something is to take it for a test drive or in this case, a test stay. So I went looking for a tiny house that I could try out and I came across the cutest little Airbnb in Kingston, New York.

Photo Credit via Airbnb (Host Robin)
Photo Credit via Airbnb (Host Robin)

There is a Tiny House on the Esopus offered by Airbnb host Robin that looks like it would make the perfect guest house. When I saw it I had to flip through the pictures it was so cute and this little mansion on the creek seems to have it all. I could easily see this in my yard as a place my friends and family could stay.

If I get a chance to rent it for a weekend I will know for sure but in the meantime, you can rent it for a winter or spring staycation, and if you do tell me how you like it. Let me know if you think it would make a great place to stay if you were visiting someone for the weekend.

Plan your mini staycation for any time of year.

Tiny House on Esopus Creek

This tiny house outside Kingston, New York sitting along the banks of the Esopus Creek makes the perfect mini-getaway any time of year. Plus if you ever want a tiny home of your own this would be the perfect place to stay to see what it would be like to live in one.

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