The people who make Kleenex brand tissues claim they have created the world's first tool that will predict where the cold and flu will hit next up to three weeks in advance. So, people can see when the cold and flu is prevalent in their area.

According to company reps, the application uses a proprietary forecasting model that accesses the Centers for Disease Control data and the 'Flu Predictor' is 90% accurate.  The tool will activate on September 24th at their new website,

Consumers will be able to enter their zip code at the website and get an accurate forecast of regional flu outbreaks.  The app will also predict the worst five to 10 cities in the country that will be affected by cold and flu.

Kleenex Brand Manager Anna Elledge told Advertising Age that unlike previous apps by companies like Google, the Kleenex Flu Predictor will be able to forecast flu trends and where the germs are within three weeks, as opposed to where the flu has already been.

Elledge says the tool has been over 90% accurate in preliminary tests.