Albany, NY (WIBX) - Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address is receiving mixed reviews of local lawmakers.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says he's pleased with the Governor's ideas to promote the Upstate economy, including a focus on beer, wine and yogurt.

"We have a lot of bright spots in Upstate New York," Brindisi said. "Our industry, our agriculture, our tourism... that we as Upstaters all recognize and know about, but many people in other parts of the state and country don't know about. So, what he wants to do is market that and try to attract more visitors to Upstate New York, which is a good thing."

State Senator Joe Griffo also says he believes Governor Andrew Cuomo can reinvigorate the Upstate economy, it will just take time.

"I was pleased about the Upstate initiative because I've said for a long time that we need to pay special attention to Upstate's unique challenges economically and to divert and dedicate resources to that effort," Griffo said.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, though, was disappointed with the results of Cuomo's speech.

"He's a charismatic guy with a lot of pleasing rhetoric, but I'm getting tired of it," Tenney said. "I want to hear real solutions that we can help solve our problems, help our small business owners. I'm not saying he's not trying to do that, but so much of what he says sounds like a soundbite."

She says the state's business climate is still struggling, and that his proposed programs sound nice, but still need to be paid for.

Tenney also says that equality for women should start with the State Assembly.

When it comes to the hot button issue of gun control, all three agree that something should be done, though each had differing approaches to the issue.

Griffo says gun reform can also be achieved, though there will have to be give or take between Democrats and Republicans and their philosophical differences.

Brindisi agrees, saying that there can be room for common sense gun control reform, without trampling on the rights of lawful gun owners.

Tenney, whose new district is the home of Remington Arms in Ilion, says some of the reforms currently on the table may not be common sense reforms. She says she would like to see less violence in society, but not at the cost of more than 1,300 jobs and the trampling of Second Amendment rights.