It's not often that Upstate New York is mentioned on Saturday Night Live, but when it happens, it's almost never good.

SNL debuted in October of 1975, and has been making audiences laugh for (most of) the show's 47 seasons on NBC. The show has launched the careers of some of the most famous comedic actors ever, including Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Mike Myers and many, many more.

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Every now and again, one of those cast members will reference something from Upstate New York as part of one of their sketches. It could be the name of a town or city, a reference to Upstate culture, or, of course, the mention of a New York politician. No matter what the reference is, when one hits the airwaves, people tend to take notice.

The reason that people usually end up taking notice, however, is because when something in Upstate New York gets mentioned on SNL, it's almost never good.

People from Albany, to Syracuse, to Buffalo and beyond have been angered multiple times by a joke made on Saturday Night Live at the expense of something, or someone, from Upstate New York. It often leads to someone writing an angrily-worded article online, slamming the show for its unnecessary insults.

Oh wait, I guess that's what I'm doing right now.

Whether you like the joke, or you hate it, one thing remains true: they still exist on the internet in perpetuity. So, we went back through the thousands of SNL sketches available online, and found seven examples of when the show took a shot at Upstate New York.

Which one was your favorite, or least-favorite, of the bunch?

Seven Times Saturday Night Live Attacked Upstate NY

Saturday Night Live may be "live from New York" every week, but that doesn't mean the show is always kind to those who live in New York, and these are seven times they attacked Upstate New York.

Click the red title of each photo in order to watch the full sketch on YouTube.

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