Madmen on AMC is the perfect fit for a cocktail and every week, I come up with a drink to enjoy the show with.  If you’re a fan of the show, you get it!

This week’s drink is clearly not typical of Madmen 1960’s; but, with a beautiful spring day in the Mohawk Valley, I’m totally into this vodka based drink.  It's delicious.

This weekend, my wife and I ate at one of our Plate Night featured restaurants, Michaels in Sangerfield/Waterville.  The food was awesome and the drink before dinner was inspiring.

Executive Bartender Ben put together a summer weather blend that really hit the ’spring fever’ spot.  It’s called Ben’s Cucumber Coconut Palm and don’t be afraid of the cucumber vodka; this drink is awesome, especially when the weather is nice.







Ben’s Cucumber Coconut Palm

In a shaker, combine

1-2 shots Cucumber Vodka (Ben uses Effin, my wife uses Skinner Girl brand cucumber vodka)

4 oz. Coconut Water

1 slice Kiwi for garnish and 1 slice kiwi muddled

2 oz. Simple Syrup

Generous splash of Lemon Juice

Pour over rock glass of ice.

Add kiwi for garnish.

(This drink can also be made in a pitcher for larger servings)

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