Veteran's Day weekend is just around the corner, and once again The Good News Center will be selling flag sponsorships to honor service men and women everywhere. During the holiday weekend the Memorial Parkway in Utica will be filled with these flags, and included in a special ceremony. You can sponsor your flag right now.

The video above gives a great view of what all the flags look like carefully placed in the fields along the roadway. Each one of those flags represents the memory of someone who served their country proudly, or in some cases still do. With so much negativity in the country today, especially when it comes to the flag, this is the perfect opportunity for you to express what the our nation's symbol of freedom stands for.

You can sponsor an individual flag for just $35, or you can do a little more. You can also sponsor a portion of the field for $500, or do both for $535. All proceeds go to help our local heroes and their families. To sponsor your flag, contact The Good News Center at 315-735-6210, or visit their website. Don't pass up this awesome opportunity to honor the one you love in a very special way.

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