We caught a fleeting glimpse of multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams as Lois Lane in the 'Man of Steel' trailer (seen above) but today we get our first official look at Lois Lane from the upcoming Superman film. And? There are certainly a big change to the Daily Planet.

We're not sure why this first photo comes to you in black and white (particularly when director Zack Snyder's films tend to pop with color) but Portuguese site Desde Hollywood has the first official photo of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in 'Man of Steel.'

Interestingly enough, the one thing that sticks out the most to us is the iPad that Lois Lane is holding. Looks like the Daily Planet has come a long way from a legal pad and pen.

As for Adams, we're more than convinced she can pull of Lois Lane. (Frankly, we thought the 4-time Oscar-nominee might be a little too good for a role that, let's be honest, hasn't asked much of its actresses over the years.) We're fully expecting her take on Lois to be one of the best parts of 'Man of Steel.'

You can take a look at the first photo of Lois Lane from 'Man of Steel' below while you wonder why we won't get a 2013 Super Bowl commercial for this movie.

Lois Lane Amy Adams Man of Steel
Warner Bros.

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