With "Chili-Palooza" just days away, Saturday, October 15th at the Herkimer Country Fairgrounds in Frankfort, you probably want to know more about the event. You may have heard that several fire departments will be competing with their chili recipes, and there will be live entertainment. But, after eating all that chili, how are you going to cool down your pipes? The answer...beer!


If you're a fussy beer drinker, you're in luck, because there will be several different beers available, on draft and in cans. So, there should be a brew for every taste preference and budget. Let's take a look at the beers that will be available at Chili-Palooza, for the 21 and over crowd. (Remember, ID is required, please drink responsibly and have a designated driver if you plan on having a few).

Beers provided by Sanzone Distributors

Draft Beers:

Dundee Honey Brown Lager - This is a rich, malty craft brew but very mild in taste. It's made just down the road in Rochester, NY by the High Falls Brewing Company. Cost - $4.00

Sam Adams Lager - This is the award-winning, full bodied lager brewed by the Boston Beer Company. If you like your beer with more pronounced flavor and character, this is the brew for you. It's amber in color with a slightly hoppy aftertaste. Cost - $5.00

Canned Beer:

Genesee Beer - You know the one, also from Rochester. This is a mild, tried and true light lager. Good on a hot day! Cost - $3.oo

Genny Light - Very similar to the regular Genny lager, but this one is lighter in taste and calories. For light beer drinkers, you'll find this one has flavor.

Cost - $3.00

Genesee Cream Ale - This is an award-winning America cream ale, that combines the smoothness of a lager with the boldness of ale. It really does have a creamy head, and you'll find it slightly different than regular yellow beers, but very interesting. Cost -$3.00

Molson Canadian - This is a true Canadian lager with that traditional taste and body. Of all the Canadian beers around, Molson has a distinct taste and smoothness second to none. Cost - $4.oo (16 oz.)

Miller Lite - Less Filling. Great Taste. Ok, I remember way back when Miller Lite was one of the first light beers on the market. Miller Beer was considered "The Champagne of Beers", and Miller Lite is a true genuine light lager with true lager taste and less calories. Cost - $4.00 (16 oz.)


Other alcoholic beverages will be available for sale including Seagrams Wine Coolers ($3.00) and Twisted Tea 12 ounce cans ($4.00).


Contributed by WFRG's Greg McShea



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